The Best 12 Racing Bicycles Ever

The Best 12 Racing Bicycles Ever

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Trek Madona 6.9 300x195 The Best 12 Racing Bicycles Ever

If you know features of the best racing bicycle, you stand a good chance of choosing one that will help you become a reliable and competitive racer. All bicycles that are presented for racing competitions are unique in their own way and style. They have unique features just like riders who are also gifted with unique features. All in all, we have tried to list the best top bicycles that you can trust and rely on for all the competitions you may wish to participate in. These bicycles are considered the best racing bicycle and you can select one depending on how fat your wallet is. The bicycles come in different sizes, they include;

Trek Madona 6.9

This is one of the bicycles that Armstrong Lance has been using in some of the competitions. The bicycle is a little bit expensive but when you look at the success you are most likely to achieve using it, then you are better off investing in it. The bicycles features include a frame which is made up of 4 pieces including a carbon fiber. This makes the bicycle light and gives it the ability to ride great and compete with other bicycle favorably. As mentioned, the bicycle is a little bit expensive but it is one of the top racing bicycles that you need if you intend to register good results in any given competition.

Specialized Tarmac SL3 D12

This is one of the roads racing bicycle that is light enough with a frame made of a 4 piece carbon fiber which is high mode. The bike is light and guarantees you a great ride. It is one of the top racing bicycles that you cannot want your rival to have.

Pinarelloo Prince

This is considered by most people as one of the best road racing bicycle not only in the USA but in the entire world. The bicycle was ranked high in the 2008 and 2009 US competition. The feel of this bicycle is great that is why if you can afford it you are advised to go for it.

Scott Addict RC

It is one of the bicycles that have consistently been ridden by the team Columbia HTC. This bicycle is made of pure carbon. The frame, the dropouts, the front derailleur and the cables are all made from carbon. This bicycle has a frame that weighs 1.74 pounds and this automatically makes it one of the lightest bicycles on the universe.

The BH ultra light Red/Reynolds

This bicycle measures 56 cm with a frame that weighs 747 grams.  The bicycle weighs 11 pounds. The bicycle is said to be 60 % stiffer as compared to the old models and embraces the new technology. It boasts of the EVO brackets which make it possible for one to use the widest tubes and bottom brackets that stiffen the brackets even further. The oversize chain stays is what enhances the stiffness to weight ratio and allows the bike to run on tubes that have a thin wall.

Giant TCR SL Rabo

This is one of the top racing bicycles that is used by the pros because it ranks high among the best 10 road racing bicycle. The bicycle has been used by among others the Rabobank in the Tour De France.

Cannondale EVO Supersix Hi-mod Ultimate

It is an extremely light bicycle which is known for its stiffness and is one of those bicycles that you ride and feel the road at the same time. This implies that as the road changes you will be able to feel the changes and therefore adjust yourself accordingly.

Fondriest TFZEro

This is a hand built carbon fiber bike that is ostensibly assembled and made in Italy. The bicycle is so loved because of its frame that is meticulously designed for racing.  The bike is so amazing that its appearance on the list of top racing bicycles did not take bike race fans with surprise. If you have some spare cash and you are interested in bicycle racing, then this is one of the fast racing bicycles you should definitely acquire.

Marine Stelvio Dura-Ace

This is one of the fast racing bicycles that coast a lot of money but it is one of those bicycles that you will never regret if you pump your money in to it. It has a carbon monocoque frame which is extremely lightweight but which is capable of performing greatly on the track.

Bianchi 928 SL Super Record

This is a bike that is original and peloton. It is one of the fast racing bicycles that the professionals use and if you manage to buy it you will be guaranteed of racing professionally. The bicycle does not just enhance your racing ability but puts you in a class of your own giving you the motivation that is required to enable you compete with professionals.

Felt AR1 Team Issue

This is one of the fast racing bicycles known for its top quality carbon fiber with wheels that are made from Mavic Cosmic Carbone. It is an extremely light wheel that is preferred by serious competitors who are out to win races.

Specialized S-Works Tarmac Tarmac Sl2 Dura- Ace

It is a bicycle that is designed to win any type of a race; the bike has proved itself on the track and has undergone a lot of modifications. Its shock absorb quality is impressive with its unique frame and fork style. Its handling is far better than any other racing bikes of the market.

There are a number of races that one can participate in using these bicycles. One of the races which attract competent racers includes the Race across America which is popularly referred to as coast to coast nonstop race. This is a single race in which the participants are expected to ride for approximately 3,000 miles and is supposed to be completed in one week. The race attracts all types of bicycles including mountain bikes that are accustomed and which are capable of tricky races.

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