5 Vitamins for Your Skin

5 Vitamins for Your Skin

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5 Vitamins for Your Skin 300x200 5 Vitamins for Your Skin

Brillat-Savarin said “ Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”. What an amazing saying said so long ago. Your eating habits are reflected in your skin. If you eat healthy diet, you will surely be able to maintain healthy skin. When it comes to eating a well balanced diet, the importance of vitamins cannot be denied. Not only do vitamins play an important role in improving the health of your body, but they also help improve your skin. So if you want to nourish your body and skin, you need to choose a fuel that contains vitamins as a must.

Here are 5 vitamins that play an important role in making your skin healthy, youthful, and gorgeous:

Vitamin A

Your skin goes through destruction and regeneration of cells on a daily basis. As you step on the very first stair of teenage, the process of cell regeneration slows down. Vitamin A helps accelerate this process. A deficiency of vitamin A in the skin can lead to dry and flaky skin. So for the revival of your skin, consider adding vitamin A to your diet from fruits and vegetables. Skin experts believe that skin care creams that contain vitamin A help fight against acne and wrinkles effectively.

Vitamin C

As you enter your teenage, your skin starts to lose its elasticity. The rate of production of collagen drops. This is due to a lack of vitamins, out of which the most important is vitamin C. Several research studies have shown that vitamin C accelerates collagen production rate. Moreover, skin lightening characteristics of vitamin C help fight against acne scars and hyperpigmentation. So vitamin C not only prevents skin aging, but it also helps brighten your complexion.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is widely used in cosmetic products to treat acne scars and dark circles. Vitamin K is also used in fade creams that fight against skin discoloration. According to skin specialists, vitamin K is an excellent vitamin for wrinkle reduction. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K, so you can benefit from them. However, the best way to use it as a skin treatment is to use it topically.

Vitamin E

Acne scars can destroy the beauty of your face. They are just like ugly marks on moon’s glowing surface. Vitamin E can help diminish the appearance of acne scars effectively. Moreover, vitamin E helps accelerate elastin and collagen production. Vitamin E is also very helpful in keeping skin well hydrated. Vitamin E can be gotten from nuts, seeds, olives, and spinach. You can also take vitamin E capsules daily.

Vitamin B-complex

Vitamin B-complex is essential for for healthy nails, hair, and skin. It prevents your skin from becoming dry and flaky. A lack of vitamin b-complex in your body can result in hair or dermatitis loss. Vitamin B-complex is often found in topical skin hydrating creams. Lotions and creams that contain vitamin B-complex even out skin tone and soothe skin inflammation.

Adding these 5 vitamins to your diet can be a fantastic way to get healthy and glowing skin naturally. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamins. You can, likewise, take multivitamins for skin to provide your skin with these 5 vitamins. However, it’s important to consult a medical professional before using them.

So take 5 vitamins and be beautiful naturally!

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