The Accessories of F1 Car

The Accessories of F1 Car

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Accessories of F1 Car 300x191 The Accessories of F1 Car

Pirelli Solar Backpack

Accessories of F1 Car come in dozens and ranges fromF1 car equipment accessories to F1 car equipment. One of the F1 car equipment that we must mention here is the Pirelli solar backpack. This product is available at the F1 store. This Pirelli Solar pack is an electronic device that is portable and supplies energy via a thin but durable solar panel. The product is a top performer and is available in F1 stores at a price of $141.73.

The Mercedes Amg Petronas Bag

Is one of the F1 accessories meant for men who value and appreciate craftsmanship? It is a shoulder bag from PUMA which is cylindrical. It opens full length and has a hook and a loop that is closed in to a compartment. It has additional loop and slip pockets which are integrated and has an underneath flap. The bag has additional zip openings that are externally placed to the back of the bag. It also boasts of adjustable shoulder strap that is heavily padded at the shoulder with a front made of reflective materials that are well detailed at the front for visibility purposes. The bag is an exquisite design that comes with smooth lines and has legendary features that you would not like to miss.

Pirelli Pzero Hard iPhone 4 Bumper

This is one of the Pirelli collections which are only available at the f1 store. It is used to protect iPhone 4 and 4s. The accessory boasts of a good safety grip, it’s hard and with a silver finish.

Scuderia Ferrari FS1 Air

It is a wireless 2.1 speaker systems that incorporates Air play technology and deliver 120 W RMS power. This is a class HD that is patented with an amplifier technology which is capable of delivering high density and boasts of efficiency. The speaker is a digital signal processor integrated and has cross over and equalizers. This is what allows for optimal performance, low frequency responses as well as natural music.

The Scuderia is one of F1 racing car accessories that is sophisticated and whose design has been the main inspiration behind the Ferrari team. It incorporates the best technology suited for the latest devices with technology that allows for iTunes and use of apple devices. It is also blue tooth enabled and allows for wireless play.

There are a lot of F1 racing accessories out there and you can buy what you should.

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