The Most Active Shopping Concept – Hyperstar

The Most Active Shopping Concept – Hyperstar

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Hyperstar is the name of the most active and dynamic shopping concept in Pakistan.
Its branches are found in Lahore and Karachi. The mall provides one of the most attractive, dynamic, stirring and exciting shopping experience to all its shoppers. Here you will enjoy a great variety of high quality products and services. The area of the mall is very large and the mall is the house of thousands of products. This shopping concept is well known for its value for money and freshness of its products, superb customer support and of course competitive prices.


Hyperstar has maintained the reputation as a grand supermarket from where you can easily access all grocery items as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. When it comes to electric appliances, this shopping mall has it all. From international electronic brands and gadgets such as microwave ovens, refrigerators and a whole lot more. When it comes to household items, Hyperstar carries everything. Sports goods, toys, and both office and home supplies.

Many retail outlets of international brands are also established in this shopping mall. Of course, Hyperstar is well known for its fresh foods. Foods are imported everyday to make sure of its freshness from fresh frozen fish to meat, all you can dream of buying and cooking at home. The grocery store within this shopping mall also offers 10% discount to almost all of its retail items. When it comes to textile, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This shopping mall offers affordable textiles with great quality. You can choose from basic, formal and trendy wear. You can also find here items to decorate your home specifically for your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas.

Entertainment and Other Leisure

The mall provides many other services besides shopping. The mall is the hub of the beauty salon and kids play area. Kid’s entertainment area is one of its attractions. In the Lahore branch of Hyperstar, you will find many entertainment and leisure places near it like Sindbad and Joy land. The whole alley of this shopping mall provides a good shopping experience where there are lots of boutiques where you will find the trendy and the latest fashion costumes for everyone. There are also a lot of famous restaurants, food corners, ice-cream parlors in the area which made this shopping mall the place to chill.

Growing Number of Visitors

The mall is always full of people and visitors. Every year more than 2,000,000,000 visitors come here. A great rush of foreigners has been noted in the mall. This is mainly because foreigners find almost everything that they need under one roof without the hassle of travelling from one shopping mall to another. More than 100,000 items are accessible in the stock so a very large quantity in a huge variety is available. People come and enjoy a brilliant shopping experience. If you come with your family, then you can easily spend an entire day shopping.

A Place for Everyone

Hyperstar shopping mall is not just the ordinary mall which you can forget right after visiting. This shopping mall has its own magnetic effect. Once you’ve entered and explored its vicinity you will never look for a different shopping mall to shop for your items. This is truly a shopping mall for everyone, rich and famous can blend here and find the things they need.

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