Most Admired NBA Players

Most Admired NBA Players

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 Most Admired NBA Players

Some claimed that basketball is the only sports game in the world where you’ll get to enjoy even if you have no opponent. You can just pick up the ball and shoot it in the ring for a thousand times. Some also claimed that basketball game has unmatched energy especially during crucial times. Fans go crazy and even too emotional just by watching it. Now, basketball has become an entertainment, checking some basketball stars latest moves and exceptional dunk moments. However, there are still basketball players who stand out regardless if they play a show up game or not. These stars are unforgettable and made a mark in the world of basketball, to know the top 10 most admired NBA players let’s dig and check who they are.

Michael Jordan – The Legend and Greatest Player of All Time

He is undoubtedly the most admired and greatest basketball player of all time. His name signifies royalty in the world of basketball. He stands out among other players in his time by winning a total of 13 times in an All Star Team and became an All Star MVP 3 times. Jordan is a legend mainly because he knows how to lead his time; almost all players in the court admired him. Nobody can stop him and even Paul Westfield can attest to it when he guarded Michael Jordan in one of his games. He was asked after the game if he was told by their coach to stop Michael in the game and he replied that no one can ever stop Michael even if he wanted to and the only way to put a stop on Michael’s performance is to rip his heart out. Imagine the respect given to him by his fellow players. To think that he is only 6’4 in height yet he was able to battle and play even better than those other players. He is the king of the basketball court and that is no doubt.

Magic Johnson – The Fast Breaker

Magic indeed performs magic tricks inside the court and totally rules the 80’s basketball games. He was said to be the most unselfish in the game and has earned the NBA’s highest assist average. He also earned a lot of awards such as three time MVP and 4 rings in the history of basketball. Magic unfortunately had to retire because of his HIV condition. He is one of those versatile players who can play as a point and shooting guard, a small and power forward.

Larry Bird – The Humble Small Forward

Who could ever forget Larry Bird? He is one of the best players in the world of basketball. He started out as one of the small forward team mate and eventually rose up because of his exceptional talent. He played for the Celtics team and became one of the Hall of Famers in 1996. After his retirement in 1992 he continued his contribution to basketball by serving as an Indiana Pacers coach from 1997 until 2000. Larry is a good shooter and passer and was even compared to Jordan. He doesn’t usually dunk mainly because he has good shooting skills. When it comes to rebounds, he also stands out.

Kobe Bryant- The All Time Favorite

Kobe started his career right after finishing his high school years and in 1996 he joined the Los Angeles Lakers team. He made the success of the team possible and won 3 successive championships. Although he was unendingly link and paired with Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe stills stand out without his partner. He plays wittingly and has a great sense of professionalism that other players don’t possess.

Shaquille O’Neal – The Turbulent Player

Another player who plays it loud and strong is Shaquille O’Neal who consistently shows the crowd his mighty strength in his career. He never fails to impress and shows off his skills together with Kobe Bryant that led their team to win 3 consecutive seasons. Shaq will always be one of the best in basketball.

Tim Duncun- The Silent Player

Tim is one of those players who consistently played quietly yet provided a different game level. He is one of those successful players who don’t have to prove anything for his awards and achievements can speak for his success. He won MVP twice, an All-NBA and as well as an All- Defensive team for 13 times successively and 4 titles. He is one of Spurs amazing players of all time.

Allen Iverson – The Greatest Scorer

For most avid basketball fans, Allen was one of the greatest scorers in the field of basketball. He doesn’t need anyone or doesn’t have to have a tandem duo to make a score just like the tandem of Kobe and Shaquille or even Michael Jordan and Pippen. Allen can score all by himself, fast and agile to think that he is only 6’1 in height. He can certainly fly past his other towering opponents.

Kevin Durant – The Young Super Star

Dedicated to give joy to Oklahoma Thunders, this young athlete is definitely a good scorer. When it comes to his passing skills, he has one that is very impressive and not just mediocre earning him to be one of the top 10 most admired of today’s player. He is still young and for sure can give out much more in the future, he was once considered as nothing but just a plain scorer however now he can defend and play competitively.

Dwyane Wade – A Real Team Player

Dwyane is absolutely a good team player who knows how to adjust in his environment. Considering that he has adjusted well enough in his current team Miami Heat for being the second best next to Lebron James. Still, he is not bothered by this and continues to play his best and has contributed to the success of the team.

Lebron James – King James

Lebron is one of the hottest basketball stars of today who has contributed a lot in his Miami Heat team. He has also influenced a lot of fans and because of it he earned left and right endorsements that made him rich today. Lebron plays exceptionally in court and his rise to stardom started way back in 2004.

Who is your Favorite Player?

There are a lot of basketball players since it has started however there are only few who made a mark in the industry. These top 10 players made history while some are about to make history. I’m sure one of these players is your favorite and these guys definitely excel at what they do mainly because of passion and pure talent not found on other players.

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