Amazing Ways to Cook Eggs

Amazing Ways to Cook Eggs

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Eggs are one of the most versatile foods that you can find. You can use it for baking, breakfast, casseroles, desserts, and many others. It is even great on its own. Plus, they are very affordable and nutritious. Check out these top 10 amazing ways to cook eggs.

Boiled eggs

Just put water in pan, bring water to a boil, place fresh eggs and continue cooking for 10-12 minutes. Whether soft-boiled or hard-boiled, you can eat them plain or chop them and add to salads and sandwiches.

Scrambled eggs

For a quick breakfast, whisk eggs in bowl, add in milk, and pour in heated pan. Stir intermittently until slightly thick. Season it with salt and pepper. You can even add grated cheese, chopped tomatoes or salsa, or top it with freshly made salsa.


Making egg omelets is a bit difficult, especially for the first time cooks. You can add anything to your omelet such as sliced potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, ham, bacon, and almost anything that you want to add in your dish. When serving it, you may top with salsa, sour cream, or Hollandaise sauce.

Deviled Eggs

So easy to prepare, deviled eggs can be served as appetizers at any parties. All you need to do is hard-boil eggs, peel and slice in half. Separate the yolk from the whites. Mash the yolks with mustard, mayonnaise, sweet pickles, seasonings, and spoon into the egg white halves. You can sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper or paprika. De(vi)lish!

Poached Eggs

Another tasty way of preparing eggs is poaching them. Bring a pot of water to boil then lower the heat until the water is not boiling. Add vinegar. Crack eggs in a cup and slowly drop into the simmering water. Cook until whites are firm but yolks are soft inside. Serve with hollandaise sauce or eat it as it is.

Sunny side up

Quick and easy to prepare, this is ideal for a breakfast. You can even put in a sandwich for breakfast on the go.

Egg soup

Prepare your favorite soup. When almost done, drop a piece or two of whisked eggs into the soup and you get yourself a healthy and delicious comfort food.


Making quiches require some skills in the kitchen. Look for a recipe and test yourself with different variations of quiches that you will surely like. You can make it with your favorite vegetables, ground meat, or with grated cheese.


As a dessert, you can prepare egg custards with caramel sauce for a perfect ender to a hearty meal. You can top it with almonds or layer it in between apricots and ice cream. The ideas are endless.


Just beat egg whites, sugar, and salt until very thick and glossy. Spoon or spread into a lined baking tray and bake until crisp. You can even make it fancier by serving it with fruits, nuts, chocolate and whipped cream.

Eggs can be cooked into anything that you can think of. It can be as simple as a boiled egg or as elaborate as quiches. Your imagination is your only limit. Enjoy!

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