The Amazing Whelen Modified Tour

The Amazing Whelen Modified Tour

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Amazing Whelen Modified Tour 300x200 The Amazing Whelen Modified Tour

The Whelen Modified Tour which was popularly referred to as NASCAR Winstone Modified is one of the stock car racing series that is run by NASCAR but in a modified division. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is one of the two divisions which are held in the north eastern part of United States. The 2007 NASCAR tournament took this event to Mansfield Ohio. The event has taken place on oval courses as well as approved road courses.

What NASCAR Will Feature

The fact that the Elite division has been eliminated implies that NASCAR will have to feature drivers who will be seated behind Grand National cars. NASCAR has also attempted to cut down on costs by attempting to unify rules for tours that fall in the same division. This means that the two NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour divisions have to use same rules. NASCAR Whelen Modified tour is unique and different from the sprint cup because of the cars that they use. The modern cars have a tabular chassis which is built from fabricators.

The History Of The Modified Tour

The modern NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour was first held in 1985 and had a total of 29 racers by that time the event was referred to as NASCAR Winston Modified Tour. When it switched its sponsors in 1994, it was renamed NASCAR Featherlite Modified series. In 2005, the Whelen engineering took over the series sponsorship and it was renamed the NASCAR Whelen modified tour. In 2005, NASCAR a modified division in the southeastern USA was sanctioned. This division was called the Whelen Southern Modified tour. These formidable tours agreed to combine effort and come up with Martinsville Speedway. In 1985, NASCAR championship saw Richie Evans tie with Mike Stefanik. Richie was driving Winston Modified Tour which was maintained and built in his own workshop.

The Status Of The Series

The series has made a name for itself and has a very strong following in the region with the media paying a lot of attention to the event. Among the publications that give the race prominence includes the stock Car Racing Magazine and the speed way newspaper. There are also a number of historical books which have been published and which have given the event a lot of publicity. Racers can earn a huge amount of money and fame from this race.

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