Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Anniversary Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

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Celebrating your anniversary is the most awaited event of the year for couples. It also serves as a check list on the milestones of your relationship. When your anniversary is coming, it means that your anniversary gifts are coming as well. Giving anniversary gifts is crucial your life’s partner. Women prefer gifts that she can use for her fashion style or simply for her hobbies, while men prefer to receive gifts that are useful to both of them. Although men or husbands will always receive whatever gifts they are given to them by their spouses, deep inside they wish that their wives would be sensitive enough to give them the material things that they really want in life with no regrets of spending for it.

It is very hard understanding men and what they want. To help you decide, here is a list of the top 10 anniversary gift ideas for the man in your life.

Signature Shoes

Every man wants signature shoes. It can be for basketball, soccer, or running if they are into sports. It can also be an expensive branded leather shoes if they are a pencil pusher and an expensive and branded hiking shoes if they are into the outdoor life.

Tickets for His Favorite Game

Buying a ticket for your husband’s favorite game and watching it with him or with his friends if you are not into sports, will be a very good gift for the man of your life. Men always dream that once in their life, they get to see a live game of their favorite sports. It’s not always that your husband or boyfriend will get to see the live action on a daily basis that is why if you are thinking of buying him this kind of gift, make sure to buy the tickets closest to the players.

Latest Cellular Phone

Men will always prefer that their wife or girlfriend gets the better cell phone unit, latest iPod model or any gadget that they currently have. It is time for you to return the favor. Giving him the latest smart phone that he likes would be a very good gift for the man of your life since he also deserves the best.

Anything for His Car

Men are passionate about their cars and for you to share his passion, you can buy any gift that will be useful for his car. A simple car seat cover, customized gear knobs, or customized steering wheel set would be very nice. But if you feel these gifts are achievable for his budget, you could always buy the upgrades that he has been longing for such as a new stereo, new paint or new rim tires.

Branded Sports Garments

Most men are sports fanatics. If the man of your life loves to play basketball, golf, soccer, or any sports, then buy him branded sports garments. Men have this mentality that they should have the most branded shoes, bags, or sports uniform like their fellow players. If they are the best among their peers, they feel respected and they have the bragging rights to back it up. When it comes to sports, men want to have the best of everything to somehow intimidate their playmates and opponents.

Expensive Perfume

Men in general do not buy their own perfume, especially when it is very expensive. They prefer the deo spray cologne or the cheap perfume that they know that the odor will just last for a few minutes. Buying the man of your life expensive perfumes will surely make his day. With this kind of gift, there are also sensitive mental issues about it. He might think that you find him smelly, which is why you gave him this kind of gift. However, this scenario depends on the price of the perfume that you will give. If it is expensive, it will be considered as a very thoughtful gift; but if the perfume is cheap, expect him not to be so happy about it.

Branded Watches

Men adore watches. However, with smart phones having everything that people need, watches are slowly losing its popularity. However, any man will surely be happy to receive a branded watch coming from his loved one. Just do not give him the typical gold watch, especially if they are in their 20’s or early 30’s. Find something that fits his style; something that will complement his usual choice of clothes so he will wear it everyday.

Weekend Vacation to Where He Wants

Traveling can be enjoyed by the couple. But if you will let your man decide where to go, this will be a different story. Most men prefer the beaches, the mountains or the nature walks rather than going with you on a weekend vacation that will end up in a window shopping or mall hopping. If the man of your life would like to spend your weekend vacation on a wilderness, go for it.


Men love backpacks. If he is into hiking, give him a backpack that he can use in his trips. If he isn’t the outdoor type, you can give him a bag to stuff his laptop and other things for work. Make sure that whatever you choose, it is of great quality so your gift can last long, despite the load he puts inside it.

Mountain Bike

Men love to work out together with their friends. Although spending an hour or so in the gym is a good idea, a better way to do it is by biking. Buying a mountain bike and giving it as a gift for the person you love will make him happy since he can finally spend time with his friends on a biking trip without even spending his own money.

The reason why men do not buy these stuff at their own expense is because their conscience is their weakness.  Some men feel guilty and are afraid of what their spouses will think when they buy the stuff that they want at a very high price. So at this special moment in your life, do him the favor of buying what’s in his most wanted list – guilt-free.

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