Applying Eye Shadow

Applying Eye Shadow

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Applying Eye Shadow 300x210 Applying Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow can be a little tricky, especially if you are just a beginner. But if you learn to follow some simple rules and techniques, then you will surely find the method easy and enjoyable too.

How to Put on Eye Shadow

For best results, you would want to apply base coat on your eyelids first before putting on eye shadow. This will help provide that even look so that the eye shadow won’t appear to be messy and muddled. If you are going to use two shades of color, then make sure that you blend them well and that both eyes have the same overall shade.

If you want to achieve a more dramatic look effect, then you can try dipping your eye shadow brush in water before dabbing this on the eye shadow palette. This will result in a deeper color no matter what shade of shadow you choose.

Eye Shadow Options for Blue Eyes

If you have gorgeous blue eyes, then eye shadows with the colors purple and deep blue would look good on you. Grayish and blackish shades will also bring out the color of your eyes. But if you want to go for a funky look, then you can also try putting on some fuchsia and silver shades as these will complement the color of your eyes too.

Eye Shadow Colors for Green Eyes

Purple, green and eye shadows with the shades of brown look good on people with green eyes. You can also combine said shades to come up with a blend that suits your overall look. Using an eye shadow with gold attributes will also look good on you.

Eye Shadow Palettes for Brown Eyes

Those with brown eyes have a wide variety of options to choose from when applying shadows as most colors would complement the color of their eyes. Using brown, copper, beige, and apricot shades will deepen the color of brown eyes thereby making them more dramatic and sophisticated. You can also use blue, green, purple, and pink, depending on the shade of your skin.

Your Eyes Need Eye Shadows

Did you know that you can make your eyes look younger through the application of eye shadow? Yes, you can do this by using light shades of eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyelids. You just need to practice on your blending techniques to accomplish this effect. And if you want your eyes to appear bigger than they really are, then you can apply dark shades of color along the middle part of your eyelids.

Practice Makes Perfect

Applying makeup, especially eye shadow, is like an art. The more you practice doing it, the better you will get at doing it. So always try to experiment with different shades of colors when coming up with a new look. As long as the end results look natural, neat, and polished, then you can be sure that the overall look of your makeup will go well with your face and personality.

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