Some Astonishing Malls in Kenya

Some Astonishing Malls in Kenya

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Adams Arcade Some Astonishing Malls in Kenya

Kenya is said to be the largest state and at the same time the most advanced in terms of its economy in the East and South of Africa. However despite being the leading state it is still considered as a poor country. Fortunately, when it comes to tourism Kenya shows a steady growth and is even the principal or major source of foreign exchange.
Its pride when it comes to tourism is its beaches and game reserves. When it comes to shopping malls, Kenya also has a lot to offer which most tourists are not aware of. Therefore to show you some of Kenya’s shopping malls here is the list.

Diani Beach Shopping Centre

This shopping center was opened in 1986 and it is located on the road side that leads to the Diani Beach. The mall has a collection of about 54 stores in which many designer boutiques, fashion hubs and branded shops are also included. CBA Bank, The Kikoy Co., DM Tours travel agent and Ngiri’s Bar are also some main components of the mall. The mall is situated very near from the hotels so if you are a tourist, you should not miss the chance to visit the Diani Beach Shopping Centre.

Adams Arcade

This mall is also very famous and one of the reasons of its popularity is that it is close to the Thai Mitumba Clothes Market. Although it is not a very glamorous shopping mall yet it has many good outlets as well as branded boutiques. In this mall, you’ll find a Java house too. Kitengela Glass shop and many other crafts and art shops are found next to the Java house. The ease of escalator may also be there. When you move upstairs, there is a grand play arena for the kids where you can leave your children while you shop.

The Village Market

The Village Market is considered the biggest shopping mall of East Africa. The mall is beautifully designed with more than 150 retail stores, accompanying the coffee shops and many open air restaurants. A cascading waterfall is one of the particulars of the mall. The mall has a beautiful bowling arena as well as the facility to train for the young children. The restaurants here are considered fully equipped to serve a lot of visitors and families. This is the reason why it is mostly visited by Kenyan families. People here come and enjoy shopping as well as the food and entertainment. A mini golf course is also a unique feature of this shopping center.

Westgate Centre

Westgate center is a very modern and newly established mall in this city. Millions of people visit this mall annually. Vacationers and tourists especially come to visit this mall that houses very expensive and high quality shops. Many top ranked restaurants and casinos are located within the mall, where hundreds of people come with their friends and enjoy the lively nights. Inside the building, you’ll also find a 3D screen cinema, indoor kids bowling array as well as a large dental surgery clinic. A grand Nakumat supermarket is also found within the mall where you can find every item of regular use. You can find a lot beautiful and expensive gift shops in Westgate mall. These gift items are specially imported from US, UK and other big states. On each Thursday, there is a Maasai Market. In this market, you can find different stalls ranging from jewelry, garments, wooden crafts and many other items.

Yaya Centre

The Yaya Centre was established in the late 80s. This shopping centre does not only consist of shopping boutiques but also of many shops for offices that deal with different services. Some of the doctors, dentists and legal officers have set their offices here. Restaurants and salons are also part of the building. On one floor, you’ll find shops that offer a lot of different items. A small yet an incredible variety of East Africa’s literature are found in the bookshops of the mall. It is a completely indoor mall. An extraordinary Maasai Market is held on each Sunday where the stall is arranged to attract the people. Particularly on Sundays, the tourists come to watch these stalls. In these stalls, many local crafts, cultural and traditional clothes and other products are offered and the foreigners buy them excitedly while they enjoy bargaining!

Visit and Explore Kenya

Despite being considered as a poor country, Kenya manages to rise up against their economic struggles and presented their people as well as the tourists of some beautiful and interesting shopping malls. These malls are worth visiting plus you’ll get the chance to learn more about the tradition and culture of Kenya. Visit Kenya shopping malls now and enjoy your stay in this country.

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