The Most Awaited FIA Formula 1 World Championship

The Most Awaited FIA Formula 1 World Championship

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 The Most Awaited FIA Formula 1 World Championship

Formula one is popularly referred to as FIA world championship which so far is the highest class of a single seater outracing which is sanctioned by the FIA. The formula has a set of rules which the participating cars must abide by. The FI consists of a series of races referred to as a Grandpre which is a French word that refers to great prizes. . This races are held throughout the world  circuits which are purposely build for such events. FIA Formula 1 World Championship is the biggest F1 racing championship all over the world.

After each event, the results are then evaluated using a point system which determines two annual world championships.  For one to qualify to be a constructor team or a racing driver and attack officials, he needs to hold a valid super license which is normally issued by the FIA. The formula one car are considered the fastest racing cars that participate in multi circuits across the world the cars are known to race at a speed of 350 km/h and have engines which has a maximum of 18,000 RPM. This fast racing cars are capable of lateral acceleration which is in excess of 5 g in all the corners. These cars are electronic controlled though traction control and driving aids were banned in 2008. This formula has had an evolution and a lot of changes have taken place throughout its history.

The formula one race has its base in Europe though the scope of the game has greatly increased with a number of Grandpre being held in other countries.  The grand prix racing have a history ever since opening their doors way back in 1906by the 20th century, the game was among the most popular sporting activities in the world. The economic impact of formula one group is great, with numerous jobs created and has reported numerous political and financial battles. Formula one is a high profile and this makes it a merchandising environment. This comes from the sponsors who are always ready to pump their money in to this event. The event boasts of billions of dollars with most of the money going into constructors.

The Grand Prix is a great sport whose expenditure has forced many teams in to bankruptcy. Many companies which have also wanted their presence felt have also had to part with a lot of money supporting this sport. Manufactures have also supported the sport in terms of sponsorship deals.

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