What You Need to KNow About Bad Bikes

What You Need to KNow About Bad Bikes

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Husky 450 Desert Master 300x198 What You Need to KNow About Bad Bikes

What makes a bad dirt bike majorly depends on the point at which one starts looking at the bike. The dirt bike boom in 1970s is the period when people realized that the clunkers had been on the market for quite some time. This means that by late 60s, dirt bikes were already in the market. They are not suitable for motorcycle racing but sometime used as off road racing vehicle.

What Constitutes Bad Dirt Bike?

A bike can be categorized as a bad bike if it has very few redeeming values. We have machines that are powerful but have engines that are considerably fragile, whereas there are those that are powerful but which have less stellar handling. We also have those that have both the features, note that bikes that have more faults as compared to virtues do fit in the bad bike category.

Generally, bikes can be categorized as bad dirt bike if they meet the requirements that constitute what is truly bad. A number of frightening traits, mechanical problems, engineering weaknesses, responses that are freaky and unreliability are just some of the requirements that need to be satisfied by a bike for it to fall in this class. Among the bikes that are believed to certify most of these conditions are;

Husky 450 Desert Master

The engine of this bike was made heavier by the previous design by around 35 pounds. The gearbox was poorly spaced the shocks were worse and had exhausts that were poorly located so that they burnt your legs as you rode it. The braking system had gruesome brakes and its shifting was considered the worst among all the bikes. This is a bike that was considered spooky and had an engine that pinged as if it was not being powered by petrol.


This is one of the worst dirt bikes that had a gear box that was hopelessly spaced. The gear box shakes the steering as if the steering did not have the bearings. The number plate hangs on this bike as if the designer of the bike never thought about it in the first place. This bike had a peculiar feature of stalling easily and could only manage 38 mph. The bike had a lot of power but the delivery of the power was very freaky. One thing that made this bike qualify on the list of bad dirt bike was its habit of refusing to start when cold and the fact that it switched itself off when it became hot. It also had a problem with the plugs and the pings.

This and many other features which are not mentioned here made this bikes considered bad bikes of all time. If you are buying bikes rule out these bikes from your way.

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