Bangkok: The Best Place for Shopping

Bangkok: The Best Place for Shopping

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Bangkok is a dreamland for shopaholics and renowned for stunning shopping malls.
Bangkok shopping malls and outlets provide an incredible range of things to buy. These shopping malls attract shoppers at large from branded clothes to swanky accessories. Tourists can shop from gloomy gigantic malls and shinning shops. Surely Bangkok will bring the shopaholic in you. You can’t leave the country empty handed. In this array, branded electronic devices and designer clothes are found at expensive rates. To gain a conventional familiarity of shopping, Bangkok shopping malls are well known places when it comes to style and fashion. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a single best shopping mall to visit once in the area. Therefore, let’s take a peek at the different beautiful Bangkok shopping malls.

Central World Plaza

No doubt, Central World Plaza is the best shopping mall of Bangkok and the second largest mall in south Asia. There are collections of the sovereign Thailand designers that can be found here. I’m sure you will be enticed to buy different items from this shopping mall’s comic book shops, games shops, tremendous knitting shops and many other things of attraction from here. In this shopping mall you’ll find the best eating place, cafes, bakeries and snack bars as well.

Mahboonkrong (MBK)

If you are economical, then you will really like to shop in MBK, with the seven floors of bargains you’ll surely get confused which item to buy. You will find here almost everything you need. Branded shoes, trendy clothes, jewelry, make up, toys, DVD’s and much more. Also there is a floor which is dominated by cell phones, MP3players and many other electronics products at inexpensive rates. It’s also a popular place for those who would love to buy pirated DVDs as you will find it everywhere. There are plenty of cafes, coffee shops and bakeries as well. It’s located next to National Stadium sky train station.

Siam Paragon

Many people love to shop here for this is one of the best malls in Bangkok. Mostly crowded on weekends; it is a mall with high rates and trendy designer outlets. You will be delighted to find some exotic cafes and coffee shops here, especially at weekends they seem absolutely stunning. Here in Bangkok you also find a home of Kinokuniya the best store for CDs, DVDs and language store. If you want to mix up with an elite class and like to buy branded products; Siam Paragon is a best place matching your interest.

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is the business center of Bangkok. You will find yourself  drifting around the nest of shops in Tokyo city, strolling down to the London’s Carnaby. Its nine floors have 600 shops, a grand market, a Cineplex and a good hunting area with all kinds of Thai and international food items. Branded products that can be found here are fox, cc:oo, Nike,  Addidas, Levi’s and many other well known brands around the globe. Women’s wear is found on the first floor with national and international brands and designers. Third floor is the home for small shops and for gifts from Istanbul. Beautiful gifts like jewelry, fashion accessories, toys and beauty products and things for decorating home. This floor has a look of Middle Eastern Zouk with contemporary wind. Moreover, it’s a paradise for food lovers.

Central Chidlom

A seven story department with friendly atmosphere and well stocked with exotic products. Each floor expressing an urban lifestyle, contains beauty products, shoes, handbags, men’s’ fashion wear and accessories to adore you from head to toe. You can also find here fine quality of beauty products, skincare and perfumes by first class brands like SKII, MAC, and many others. There is also a floor especially dedicated to children where they can find toys, accessories and many other items like clothing and shoes. One can also find the best quality of magazines, stationery, fountain pens and art materials within this shopping mall.

The Emporium Department

An enormous beautiful hall that invites you to spend money is no other than the Emporium Department. It hypnotizes you with the fascinating perfumes. A classic amid with distinctive luxurious fashion brand names such as Muuing Do, unite and Chanel.  Killer shoes, bags and gloomy leathers stinking of superiority await you on the vault level. It’s pleasant to shop in this shopping mall.

Gaysorn Shopping Mall

This is a luxurious and gleaming super mart containing designer labels. You can enjoy an elite shopping experience by its exotic designs and the innovative trade idea. Individuals can find here most demanded international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hugo Boss. And many other local brands as Fly Now, Senada Theory and Kloset Red Carpet. So if you’re searching for high end items, this shopping mall could be your perfect target.

Panthzip Plaza

If you want to buy computer related accessories and high technology gadgets you should definitely visit Panthzip Plaza. These gadgets are economically and practically useful with such competitive prices. But make sure that these items have warranty.

Here are Some Suggestions for Shoppers

When shopping in Bangkok, you need to ensure that you know how to bargain. As you may already know, bargaining in Bangkok is the key to save a lot when shopping. So if you feel that your bargaining skills are quite good, then you can be sure that your budget will be stretched! Always buy Thai antiques from reputed shops and dealer because real antiques are costly and rare. So, if any street hawker invites you to buy, don’t consider them. Now that you have the list of shopping malls to visit in Bangkok, take time to plan and determine which amongst these shopping malls is the right choice.

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