Barney Stinson – Funny Characters on TV

Barney Stinson – Funny Characters on TV

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The world of television, movies and multimedia entertainment there are a truckload of characters. These characters can be real or animated but it can’t be denied how well their charisma is. Since funny characters are always associated with comedy genres it’s not really a surprise that all of them are good at it. Just because they’re funny doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the lead star or main character. They are more often to be the supporting character that adds a little relief to a certain show or movie. It is how you identify them to be funny symbolizes their charisma and ability to make you laugh.

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

Barney is played by Neil Patrick Harris and his character is someone who appears to not being funny. His appeal is more of that of a sophisticated man with a charming face that can woo a woman. His persona does tend to be different as Barney is more of the cunning woman hunter that focuses on women with daddy issues. His charm is that he’s not even trying to be funny but delivers it well anyway.

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Leslie is played by Amy Poehler who is one of SNL’s mainstays. Leslie is a very cheerful and hardworking person in the town of Pawnee. She works as a Deputy Director for the Pawnee’s Park and Recreation Department. She is surrounded by her ever loving and fun filled staff with various characteristics and personas. Leslie brings the fun in work although most of the time she doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing which adds a bit more fun into it all in all.

Dwight Kurt Schrute from The Office

Dwight is played by Rainn Wilson and his comedy in this show is very distinct. Since the Office doesn’t try to be funny, the comedy by Dwight just falls into place. Dwight always played as Michael Scott’s second in command or his right hand man. Dwight does display a maniacal like persona as he tends to be intimidating rather than funny. His in show interviews which is a part of the program’s genre tends to make him look like a real fun guy and he’s not even trying to.

Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men

Alan is played by Jon Cryer and it doesn’t seem anyone can pull it off better than him. Alan is somewhat depicted as a broke person paying alimony to two ex-wives. He is also depicted as somewhat a loser as he doesn’t have that much money as well as not having any luck with women. When he does get to have a woman, he tends to get outsmarted or bad things usually happen to him. Alan is also a sponge that leeched and lived off his brother’s couch throughout the years even after his brother’s death.

Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is played by Jim Parsons and he is one very smart person. Sheldon was considered a prodigy of his time and is an accomplished physicist with a degree in PhD. Sheldon’s comedy comes from his wit and extreme obsession for cleanliness. Sheldon does tend to be too overhyped even for the simplest things. Sheldon is also feared in a friendly way by his compatriots as he tends to be annoying with his smart remarks and wise cracks.

Burt Chance from Raising Hope

Burt is played by Garret Dillahunt and is Jimmy’s father. Burt became a father at an early age and he used to be the school hunk that every girl wanted to be with. Burt is now in his middle ages and works as a handy man and does several different works for people. His humor comes from him screwing around with his son who also became a father at a young age. Burt’s grandfather skills aren’t also top notch as he tends to make his granddaughter Hope a bit more worse but that’s where his charm comes from

Jack McFarland from Will and Grace

Jack is played by Sean Hayes an enigmatic and happy go lucky gay person. Jack starts off as a simple sales person and eventually ends up as a host of his own talk show called Jack Talk attuned to the gay audience. Jack is somewhat the happy go lucky person which also sometimes acts as the voice of reason in their group. His humor comes from his mannerisms and the way he speaks out his mind to the people around him.

Keegan Michael Key from Mad TV

Keegan plays himself and acts in various skits for the show. His way of comedy can be serious but at the same time real comical. Keegan plays several roles such as the regular stereotypical black guy as well as other roles. His most popular role has to be Coach Hines which has a series of skits. Keegan plays well with his partner Jordan Peele and together they can make comedy magic. Despite Mad TV ending, they still have their own show Key and Peele airing to this day.

Homer Simpson from the Simpsons

Homer is your everyday fat guy and stereotypical American citizen. He lives the lifestyle of a so called honest buck for an honest day’s work. His comedy does lie through his stupidity and somewhat retarded nature. He also likes choking his son Bart in an occasional basis which had become one of the shows repeating comical scenes. Homer isn’t all that broken down as he tends to get lucky at least every once in a while.

Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

Stewie is the Griffin family’s youngest child and is seemingly a one year old baby. Despite his youth, he is an evil genius bent on taking over the world. His comedy comes from his innocence such as his ignorance when it comes to pooping on the toilet or his interaction with girls. Stewie has gone through a series of make overs from being a baby bent on killing his mother to his eventual confusion with regards to his gender.

Characters tend to be different but comedy is something that gives highlight even to those that don’t feature such a trait.

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