Bashundhara City Complex: The Biggest Shopping Mall of Bangladesh

Bashundhara City Complex: The Biggest Shopping Mall of Bangladesh

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Bashundhara City Complex The Biggest Shopping Mall of Bangladesh 300x225 Bashundhara City Complex: The Biggest Shopping Mall of Bangladesh

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is one of those developing nations around the globe.
This place has been having issues with poverty yet its government was able to rise and said to gradually decrease its dependency to its foreign contacts. Now, because Bangladesh is an improved and strong country, let’s also discuss one of its prides which is the Bashundhara City Complex.

Best Bangladeshi Shopping Mall

Bashundhara City Complex is a shopping mall situated in Dhaka Bangladesh. This shopping mall boasts its unique architectural structure and was opened to the public for the first time in 2004. This mall is located closer to Karwan Bazar. The mall boasts its 2,500 retail stores and has a number of cafeterias and an underground gymnasium.

It is at this mall where you will enjoy a movie theater complex, a food court and a theme park. The mall is fully air conditioned and has roof top gardens. This mall is visited by over 25,000 people for shopping related activities every single day. It became the best Bangladeshi shopping mall because of its capacity, architecture and facility.

The Fire that Almost Ruined the Mall

In 2009, part of the mall was seriously damaged by fire, the blaze started mid day and took the fire extinguishers six hours before it was brought under control. The fire attracted a lot of onlookers on the site who caused traffic jam that has never been witnessed in the city. The top floor of this wonderful shopping mall was damaged and reports have been made of people who got injured and died. The total damaged amount was said to be $29 million. Despite the loss and incident, this shopping mall managed to get back on track and proved everyone that this is indeed Bangladesh’s pride.

All in One Shopping Mall for Bangladeshi

Worldwide, this mall is ranked 12th and is said to be the best Bangladeshi shopping mall. The mall has the finest and well crafted design mingled with contemporary aesthetics which are punctuated with top structures in its neighborhood. This shopping mall offers basically everything. It has a retail mix that can be described as diverse and is anchored with all brands, including Ecstasy, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Bata Move-n pick and a lot more. The mall is a mix of both recreation and commerce and is an excellent place to take your family to. The Bashundara city mall received the super brand award in 2009 in recognition of its status as a prestigious resort center.

Apart from the stores which are rented by the most prestigious firms in the world including APP, Amazon, Microsoft and the like. The mall boasts its countless food counters which serve thousands of visitors every day. At this shopping mall you will also be able to communicate to the rest of the world on mail or telephone. Virtually, all types of communication services are available at the Bashundhara city mall.

A Place for Everyone

Bashundhara City Complex has been said to be the main division between the lower class and the middle class. However, because this shopping mall is big enough to cater different kinds of people in different walks of life, this shopping mall is definitely a place for everyone to enjoy.

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