The Basics Of Dealing with Different Customers

The Basics Of Dealing with Different Customers

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As retailers and businessmen, you will always get to meet different kinds of people that you will find easy to transact business with but there will also be those special people that make your business a living hell to deal with. Each person you get to meet will always be a different experience and as a retailer, it is a wonderful experience to get to meet these type of people. You will surely learn from them on how you deal with your customers as well as your business in general. These four basic personality types will help you gauge and deal with them.

The Demanding Customer

As the name implies, the demanding customer always want to get what they want instantly. They will scream and shout at you just to get what they want right at that moment. Most of them time, they are impatient and hot headed. They usually sit down, transact, and get out as fast as they can but the thing is, they put out a demanding attitude as if they are your slave. As a businessman, you should always make consideration for them but when do you say enough is enough? In dealing with this type of customer, you need to eliminate the small talk and go straight down to business. List down everything that he wants and start working on it. If there are other people who are first on the line, grab a few people to work on it secretly. Never let them know that they are wrong. You can try to make some suggestions but make sure they are short and direct to the point.

The Analytical Customer

Most of this type of customer is that they usually take time before reaching a decision and when they do, there is still a possibility that they will change their minds. When they come into your store, they do have a list of things to buy but they are suddenly thrown out of the loop and start looking for other options. To deal with them, you need to ask them why they came into your store and let that be the guide to let them know what they truly want within your store.

The Referred Customer

There are also customers that have been referred by your regular customers. They often tell you that “my friend told me…”. This type of customer often rely on others’ opinion in order for them to reach a decision. They often also have no idea what the product is all about and are just in it for the ride. The best way to handle them is to present to them the products. You can even include a demonstration if you want to. This way, they reach their own decision and never have to rely on others’ opinion for their own.

The Friendly Customer

Do not be fooled by the name given to this type of customer. The friendly customer is the best customer you can find. They are bubbly, friendly, likable, but they are a bit choosy. If you seem to be in a bad mood, they won’t buy anything from you. They put more importance on the social aspect of the transaction rather than the business itself. Take your time in talking to this type of customer and try to offer new things and see his reaction. If he is interested, you might be close to transacting a new deal. They love to give and receive compliments.

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