Beaches in Maui Hawaii

Beaches in Maui Hawaii

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When it comes to beaches there’s no other place heavenly blessed than Hawaii. Because Hawaii is the only state in the United States that is composed of multiple islands, you can therefore expect this place to house some of the most beautiful beaches found in the planet. If you want to have a memorable vacation where you’ll really have a blast, then check out Hawaii’s best island known as Maui. Believe it or not, this island was consecutively voted for 19 years by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler as the best island in Hawaii. So let me take you for a swim on the top 10 beaches in Maui Hawaii that you will really love.

Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches found in Southern Maui right on the foot of Grand Wailea. This beach comes with a long bay stretch full of wonderful geographical and natural landscapes. The sand is so soft that every step you make it devours your foot. For some, they describe the sand as soft velvet underneath your feet. Here you will not find any large rocks on its waters and it is safe for kids to jump around. Wailea Beach is always visited because it’s very accessible and is situated right near the Four Seasons Hotel and Marriot Hotel. Water Sports is highly commendable in this place, you can do paddle boarding and kayaking. Having the best summer vacation would truly be memorable.

Polo Beach

If you are looking for a perfect spot to do your snorkeling then the Polo Beach is the right place for you. This beach is situated on the Southern end of Wailea bay stretch. Some considers this spot as secluded that it is perfect if you want serenity and relaxation. One of the best parts when you check on this beach is the different water creatures that would amaze you. Here you’ll see a lot of large sea turtles, dolphins, whales flapping their tales, octopus, crabs and beautiful coral reefs that must not be touched. The sea water is so clear that you’ll see fishes swimming around.

Makena Beach

If you want to have an adventure then Makena Beach is waiting for you! This beach is also known as the “Big Beach” mainly because of its long bay that stretches 2/3 of a mile while its sides stretch for more than one hundred miles. Imagine the space you’ll have when you go for a vacation here. Indeed, this is one of the biggest beaches in Maui. Makena Beach offers you a lot of physical activities, because of its large waves most that most water sports junkie flocks in this beach to get their share of adventure. If you feel like running and doing a walk as a form of exercise during your vacation, Makena beach will surely satisfy your calves!

Hamoa Beach

Are you looking for a unique shaped beach? Look no further for Hamoa Beach is just around the East side of Maui in the town of Hana. This beach is also considered as one of the top beaches because of its unique half moon shaped sand in gray color. Imagine staying in this haven, there’s nothing more you can ask during your vacation. This beach is situated right below the black lava sea cliffs which measure 30 feet and its width measures 100 feet wide. The sand of Hamoa Beach is incomparable for it is a mixture of coral reefs and lava, where else can you find such unique sand other than in Hamoa Beach.

Kaanapali Beach

If you’d like to see grainy golden sand in your life then there’s no other place to visit than Kaanapali Beach. You’ll have a blast in this beach for along with it comes a variety of places to spend your vacation such as condo units and hotels. Here you’ll also see a line of restaurants and bars where you can take your meal after soaking in the water. The Kaanapali Beach boasts its populated tropical fishes and the water is most of the time calm perfect for kids.

Kapalua Beach

The Kapalua Beach is also one of the popular beaches in Maui where you’ll see its bay stretch lined with beautiful palm trees to give you shade when you feel like walking. You’ll also find lava rocks sprinkled making you feel so close to Mother Nature. It comes with calm waters and small waves where you will be able to see sea creatures up close. Kids will enjoy here for it’s a family friendly beach, on winter days you will also get to see whales migrating in the deep part of the ocean. A scene to witness and enjoy on your vacation.

Keawakapu Beach

If you are tired and would prefer a secluded beach away from those populated ones then Keawakapu Beach is waiting to be discovered. The location of this beach is a secret and not many know about it, it’s just between the Wailea and Kihei. Despite its small size this beach can give vacationers a gigantic vacation adventure in their life. Its waters are calm, clear and friendly for all ages. An underwater reef is also present to delight your eyes with its wondrous sea creatures. This beach is another place that will make your vacation worthwhile.

Waianapanapa State Park

This beach is different from most Maui beaches you’ll find. Here it offers you a black sand beach that is composed mostly of pebbles and swimming here is only for professional or thrill seekers because of its large or enormous waves sometimes and strong currents. However, this place offers you 12 cabins to spend your night, a picnic place for the family and a hiking trail along its shores. If you want to relax and just enjoy the view, then this place is the right spot for you.

D.T. Fleming Beach Park

Nature is the best attraction of this place where ironwood trees are abundantly growing to give visitors shades. Just on the other side of the cove you’ll see its magnificent sea cliffs waiting to take your breath away. If you like water sports then you can certainly try doing body boarding or surfing on the cliffs big waves. Water near its sand bars are calm and perfect for swimming and playing around. For most vacationers, this is one quite beach to venture in and is considered to be out of the way.

Ho’okipa Beach

Located in the North part of Maui, this beach is very famous for wind surfers. This is suitable for wind surfers because it comes not just with sufficient amount of waves but at the same time strong winds. The waves in this beach are usually gigantic during winter days and small to moderate sizes during summer days. This beach has hosted a lot of wind surfing competition and an annual event held here is the Aloha Classic which is a professional competition for surfers.

Plan your Vacation and Go to Maui Hawaii

Imagine all the wonders of the world found in one place, Maui Hawaii. Seeing whales flapping its tales, dolphins, and large sea turtles swimming near you is simply amazing. Cliffs, lavas, black and white sand beaches and breath taking views and landscapes, I’m sure you will agree with me that Maui is a paradise that can provide vacationers the time of their lives!

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