The Beautiful Concept of Peugeot Onyx

The Beautiful Concept of Peugeot Onyx

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Concept of Peugeot Onyx 300x183 The Beautiful Concept of Peugeot Onyx

When it comes to European cars, you have Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes Benz as the most popular brands. What most people simply forget is Peugeot. If you will look at Peugeot’s car manufacturing record, they have adapted to provide some of the best cars not only on the road but also on the track. Whether it’s the WRC or Le Mans, it is all about one thing for Peugeot—Performance.

Peugeot has been known as one of the most race savvy brands. Dominating WRC and beating some of the world’s toughest terrains, Peugeot now takes a step back by creating a car that can compete against any European luxury car manufacturer. One of the best concept cars that have a great potential for the Peugeot is the Peugeot Onyx. Presented in the 2012 Paris Motor Show, it has all the elements that make up a super car. Low base, aggressive look and 600 bhp power, now that’s a nasty super car that can take the brand to new horizons. According to the review of the Peugeot Onyx, there is a difference between this concept car and the other brands. The Peugeot Onyx actually works.

Same Engine As 908

The Peugeot 908 is the workhorse of Peugeot during the endurance races. With an identical engine used on the Peugeot Onyx, we expect nothing but the best. In fact, the power to weight ration of the Peugeot Onyx is, comparable to the Bugatti Veyron—only better. When your car is over powered by a V8 engine because of a modern lightweight carbon fiber chassis, you can expect nothing but exceptional performance. The Peugeot Onyx, however, comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, if you have 1 million pounds, maybe you can have this car on your garage.

Top of the Line Gearbox

Despite the amount of money involved in the car, it only offers the best. Sequential gearbox that offers smooth transitions as you drive the Peugeot Onyx, its gearbox is nothing but tuned for top performance. In terms of handling, this is not a problem with the Peugeot Onyx. Steering reactivity and overall handling of the car are simply superb.

If you will see the large wheels plus the low level design of the car, a lot of people will already think that it is something uncomfortable to drive. In fact, it is the total opposite. The car is just simply a great machine overall. Just when concept cars turned out to be a source of inspiration for designers and engineers, it was completely different on the part of the Peugeot Onyx. The Onyx, can be a stand alone performance vehicle. With the ridiculous price tag though, expect only a few Bill Gates to handle such price.

Bright Future

When it comes to concept cars, these are designs that are always meant to be enjoyed for the coming years. In fact, the Onyx has that potential to be a classic car for the French car manufacturing company. Taking their race savvy reputation on the line, it will be nice to see the car to be actually tested against, let’s say a Bugatti Veyron?

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