Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Most Beautiful Countries in the World

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To go on a trip around the world – this is perhaps what everyone’s lifelong dream is. If you are one of the lucky ones who can make this dream possible, knowing the most beautiful countries in the world will help you plan your itinerary.


Australia is not just a country; it is a continent and more. It is highly developed, being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. If you want to explore the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef, it is just located at the north-east coast of Australia. How about the world’s largest monolith which is in Western Australia-Mount Augustus? There are also many beautiful landscapes and coastal areas which are maintained at its natural state for tourists and locals alike to enjoy and stay close to nature as possible.


Full of beautiful cultural treasures and lavish sightings, Italy is just one country wherein you can discover a wider location of natural beauty. The city of Florence and Rome are filled with interesting architectural structures; Tuscany is filled with lush green vineyards, snow-peaked mountains and rolling hills. Going to Lake Maggiore or Amalfi Coast, you will see a very beautiful cultural landscape considered as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.


Considered as the most romantic city in the world, Paris may present you a flawless atmosphere of cultural magnificence, plus so much more. There are more beautiful places in France that you must see, such as the historic villages from Loire Valley to the lush green Provence. If you want to see the planet’s greatest palace, you go to Versailles and the museum, the Louvre. Check out the world-class regions of France in the wine-producing regions of Champagne and Bordeaux. And if you just can’t get enough, visit Mont St. Michel and the great landscape of the Chamonix valley.


Spain has been viewed by many of the overdeveloped coastlines of Balearic Islands or Costa del Sol, but there is more than what Spain can offer. If you want to fall in love, go to Spain. It is the most passionate and most seductive country in the world, which is being reflected in the grand plazas in even the little cities, in the preserved historic areas, and in the tiniest villages. You will find a huge diversity of cultures from the white Mediterranean villages to the classy urban centers. Spain can be used as a backdrop for any kind of painting, book or film. And if you have heard of Alhambra or Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain has kept the ostentatious, greatest and unparalleled architectural treasures in the world.


In Greece, you will find the world’s most beautiful beaches in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. If you explore deeper, you will find the amazing Meteora, the magnificent Mount Olympus, and the astonishing ancient ruins all over the country. If you want to be filled with awe and satisfaction, Greece is definitely a must-visit. Come to think of it – gods were coined here.


The United States of America may look populated, overcrowded, highly industrialized with big roads and huge traffic, billboards, car lots, hotels and many other things that the definition will never fit. However, if you travel to the other areas of the country where its natural beauty has been well-preserved, then the USA is definitely in the list of most beautiful countries in the world. The awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, the exciting scenery of Monument, the lush green forest of Yosemite, or the crystal clear waters of Great Pond in Central Maine – these and so much more are what the USA can offer its visitors to enjoy nature and discover its beauty.


Portugal is another contender for the most beautiful country with lots of splendid things to offer. Be awestruck with the untouched natural wonders of the volcanic Azores, the peaceful prairies of the Alentejo, the hanging gardens of Madeira, or the magical capes and theatrical coastline of the mainland. If you are not satisfied, take a swim in the white sand beaches of the Algarve or enjoy the scenery at the cultivated hillsides and river valleys of the Norte Region or the volcanic lakes of SeteCidades in Sao Miguel Island.


Brazil is the location of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Rio de Janeiro, and one of the world’s ugliest cities, Sao Paulo. However, Brazil has all the beautiful things found only in nature. Go to Iguacu falls or the magnificent Amazon or the beautiful Salvador beaches. You can explore further to the historic center of Olinda or the world’s largest wetland in Pantanal.


Although not as popular as the rest of the countries in this list, Germany is definitely a place of architectural jewels and fairy tales. From Rugen Cliffs to the romantic Rhine to the city gate of Holstentor, Germany has plenty of well-preserved heritage sites and architectures that reflect the country’s rich culture and beautiful sights.

South Africa

Full of stunning scenery, intriguing wildlife, remarkable beaches and diverse cultures, South Africa is one of the top choices among travelers from around the globe. Exploring South Africa is another way of discovering what Mother Nature can offer to its inhabitants. There’s the beautiful city of Cape Town, or the habitat of diverse wildlife in Kruger National Park, or the phenomenal Table Mountain.

Every country in the globe has its own offering of beautiful scenery and marvelous landscapes. However, these countries in the top 10 list are blessed with outstanding natural splendor and magnificent man-made structures that enhance their territories with everything beautiful and timeless. These countries have the richness of creativeness from nature and man and a diversity of sights that will make every visit worthwhile and special.

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