Benefits of Vinegar Cleaning Around the House

Benefits of Vinegar Cleaning Around the House

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Benefits of Vinegar is not just used to flavor food; it can also be used around the house. Talk about cleaning the bathroom tiles or bringing the spark back to your silverware. Vinegar is a great buddy in all your household cleaning jobs. And to top it all, it is earth-friendly, safe for the health and does not harm your body when inhaled. In your next tour within your home, try these tested and proven top 10 green uses for vinegar around the house.


Killer of Molds, Germs and Bacteria

Even during the time of the old folks, vinegar is always included in their cleaning recipes. The reason is that maybe because it kills mold, germs and bacteria. A 5% solution of vinegar, those that you can buy in the supermarket, can kill about 82% mold, 80% viruses and 99% of bacteria. In a spray bottle, fill with 5% vinegar and keep it handy in your kitchen to spray on your cutting boards and in the bathroom.


Window Cleaner

With just plain vinegar and clean water, you can have squeaky clean windows in an instant. If you want to keep your windows clean and free from wax buildups, vinegar is the best solution for you. Combine a quarter cup of vinegar, half a teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and two cups water in a spray bottle. Mix well and spray on windows. You may opt to dry windows with old newspapers.


Floor Cleaner

Since vinegar is non-toxic, inexpensive and kills mold, germs, and bacteria, it can be used to clean your floors. For a sweet-smelling scent of soothing herbs as you clean the floor with vinegar, combine 1/8 cup liquid soap or detergent, ½ cup lemon juice or white distilled vinegar, and ½ cup fragrant herb tea. Peppermint is a great choice because it has its own antibacterial properties. Mix the ingredients in a bucket and swirl to create suds. You can now use it as a floor cleaner to rid of the stale odor of winter.


Mineral Buildup Remover

Water left to sit in glass can leave marks or residue which is called “scale”. This may discourage you to use your utensils again because it now looks dirty. No matter how you scrub it with soap and water, the scale will never go away. Even if you place it inside the dishwasher, it won’t work. The best solution to clean up hard water mineral buildups is vinegar. Just pour directly into the utensil or appliance and it’s like magic! The minerals are dissolved and you have your crystal clear champagne glass again. For the shower, soak a washcloth in pure vinegar and cover over the area for as long as needed.


Furniture Polish

Commercial furniture polishers may smell lemony but it is very harsh and strong. To bring back the shine to your furniture, use this cleaning solution that is easy on the budget, quick to prepare and calming to the senses. Mix in a few drops of olive oil to a quarter cup of vinegar and you are good to go. Use the formula to remove dirt from wood while leaving a fruity or floral scent around the house.


Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners make our clothes and sheets more comfortable to use. While most people resort to using commercially available products, one of the most uncommon uses for vinegar around the house is as a fabric softener. A study has shown that most fabric softeners contain toxic chemicals that are the common causes for acute respiratory tract inflammation. By using natural products such as vinegar, you have a fabric softener, disinfectant and antibacterial in one formula.


Drain Cleaner

Having problems with a poor draining sink? Forget about powerful industrial chemicals that are toxic and harsh. It also destroys the wastewater stream and the PVC pipes. Use pure vinegar and pour directly into the drain and leave for as long as possible. Check if the drain is working properly. You can also use an old-fashioned plunger or call a professional plumber if nothing else works.


Carpet Cleaner

Removing pet stains and odors on the carpet is not an easy job. You need to use cleaners that are safe and mild since your pets and your little ones may be playing around the carpet area. For an easy food and pet stain removal solution, use vinegar and water to clean up those spots and stains. Before you apply to the whole area, test a small spot first to make sure that your carpet is color-fast.


Weed Killer

If you are someone who likes gardening or growing your own farm, vinegar may become your future best friend. Weeds are the number 1 culprit in poorly growing plants and add up to the job of weeding and making your garden look beautiful. To get rid of those weeds, use a small brush or spray bottle or pump sprayer. Because vinegar is not selective, you can do it on a sunny day when there is no wind and the sunlight helps activate it.


All-Purpose Cleaner

Generally, vinegar is used in all types of cleaning jobs around the house. You can use it to clean kettles, coffee pots, washing machine, mini blinds, and even the garbage bin. It also sanitizes your appliances and keeps it free from mineral buildups which are very unsightly and damages them. For an all-purpose cleaner, use equal parts vinegar and water and place in a spray bottle. Keep it handy for those quick cleaning and sanitizing jobs. Vinegar is a very effective all-purpose household cleaner. With its many uses, make sure to stock on this very affordable, economical, earth-friendly and non-toxic cleaner to ensure the safety of your family and maintain the beauty of your home. You can even pair it up with lemon juice and other oils to make your house smelling clean and fresh. If you want to save Mother Nature, start using green products today.

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