Best Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes

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Best Basketball Shoes

When it comes to basketball, every die-hard fan must know that most players are endorsing and at the same time wearing shoes that can be very expensive. Basketball shoes are expensive mainly because of multiple factors, first because it is endorsed by a famous basketball player, second, because it comes with great quality, the style, the comfort, the fit and the materials. Now, if you are curious of what are the top 10 expensive basketball shoes in the world, then let us explore and together we discover the surprising amounts of these shoes.

Air Jordan I – A staggering $25,000 This pair of shoes may have been very popular because of the famous personality behind it, Michael Jordan. It is said that this shoe comes with two different versions; the red and black version and the red, black and white version. The reason behind its revision of colors it’s because the sports committee on NBA requires a white color in any players shoes thus making the original version non compliant. Originally, Michael Jordan would have to pay $5,000 for every game where he uses this expensive pair which eventually results to a revision. Now, it also comes with an even newer version of black and metallic gold which 12 pairs of it were signed by Michael Jordan which now costs $25,000.

Nike Air Mag – Back to the Future Hit at $12,000 This shoe made its way to stardom because of the hit movie back to the future by Michael J. Fox. This is the second most expensive shoe in the history which signified a futuristic shoe in the movie yet Nike manufactured this shoe back in February of 1989. Only 20 pairs of this version were ever created and some was signed by the actor which costs $12,000.

Air Jordan V – The Tongue Figure and Lace Locks at $10,000 This shoe is the very first shoe which featured a lace lock to enable players to lock the shoe conveniently. This comes with a reflective tongue just like Michael Jordan’s signature play and a clear rubber soles. In February 1990, Hatfield printed the number 23 at the back part of this shoe for Jordan hence making the total shoe amount at $10,000. However, the pairs with number 23 on it were never sold to public and retail shoes can be bought but without any number.

Air Jordan I – The Original Version at $8,000 For some who didn’t know, this line of Air Jordan I shoe dynasty was originally designed by no other than Tinker Hatfield. This version was said to be produced way back in the year 1985 which comes with a pearl like leather and has a limited version of only 1,200. This pair comes with a breath taking price for a shoe of $8,000.

Air Jordan VI – The Nike Air Logo at $7,200 This pair comes with 5 different color versions and an even improved design. The versions are the black infrared, the white infrared, the off white maroon, the white sport blue, and last is the white carmine black. This shoe comes with a tongue that has two holes in it, and its heel is well modified to protect the Achilles tendon. This is said to be the last pair of the Air Jordan dynasty with a Nike Air logo and was first shown to public back in 1992 when Michael Jordan first wear it on Olympics. It only sold a total of 1,500 pairs yet its authentic price is $7,200.

Air Jordan III – Tinker Hatfield’s First Creation at $4,500 This pair of shoe was the first creation of Tinker Hatfield that when Jordan was about to leave Nike and saw this, he was smitten leading him to a decision of staying. This shoe has a leather finish and is termed as revolutionary for this is the first version of Air Jordan dynasty with a Nike Air logo. The staggering price of this shoe is at $4,500.

Adidas KB8 Gold Selection – In Honor of Kobe at $3,000 KB8 was created to honor Kobe Bryant and was worn by him in his early years in the NBA game. After Kobe left Adidas the shoe was renamed “crazy 8”. It is said that there are only 2 authentic pairs made for the purpose of a Slam Dunk competition back in 1998 unfortunately it was said to be cancelled. This pair is sold at $3,000.

Jordan Air XI – The Comeback at $2,700 We all know that Michael Jordan played in a baseball league and made a comeback in 1995 and wore this pair of shoe. The materials used are made of high quality such as condura nylon top and the use of carbon fiber plates led Michael Jordan to use it on his next season. This pair though was also worn by another basketball legend Joe Johnson and it also appeared on Space Jam movie with a 45 number on it. This shoe is now made possible to purchase online at $2,700 for fanatics and collectors.  

Nike Air Force I – 4 Men and Chamber of Fears at $2,500 Nike Air Force I 4 Men was originally designed only for ESPN party attendees. Even Lebron James owned a pair of this and only 12 pairs had been made which are not found in any local stores. On the other hand, the Nike Air Force Chamber of Fears was launched way back in 1982. This was known to be the famous sneakers of all time and comes in limited edition. Half of which were brought in Asia and the remaining half in the United States. The Chamber of Fears can only be found in auction events and both these shoes boast a $2,500 price tag.

Nike Air Force One – For Rich and Famous at almost $2,500 It is said that the Nike Company created this pair only for Lebron James. This pair was spotted back in 2004 during an ESPN event. Only 12 pairs were created and now can be bought at almost $2,500. Only the rich and famous can afford such price and some are not even wearing it but rather just displaying it.

Which Pair Do you Want Most? It’s really astounding to see a pair of shoes at such an expensive price. You might think the price is not worth it at all however for fanatics and collectors, having these limited editions of basketball shoes is like a dream come true therefore you can expect that despite its absurd high price tag, there will always be people buying these kinds of expensive shoes.

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