Biggest Shopping Mall in Australia

Biggest Shopping Mall in Australia

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Chadstone Shopping Centre Shopping Mall Biggest Shopping Mall in Australia
Chadstone Shopping Centre is the largest mall in Australia and in the Southern region. It is located in Malvern East, Australia, and it covers 129,924 square meters of shopping space. It houses around 530 retail stores and could accommodate as much as 9,300 cars on its free parking spaces. It is better known among Australians as Chaddy. Chaddy today attracts people from all over the globe with the presence of its retail stores and great offers. Aside from the size of this shopping haven that takes attention from so many people, it is also a convenient place to go to as it offers enough parking spaces for those who want to explore.

Simply Amazing It is boasting a couple of high end department stores including Myer and David Jones. There is also a great number of fashion related retail stores found within the vicinity. As for the number of people coming into the Chaddy, there are an estimated 68,000 visitors going in the shopping area on its busiest days, and it could attract a combined 600,000 tourists both locally and internationally. According to the owners, they are trying to further expand the shopping haven and include a hotel and office that would have a total floor space of 221,000 plus square meters that would include a hefty space for shopping.

A Pioneer Mall This establishment opened in 1960 with a primary budget of £6 million. It was the first self contained shopping area found in Melbourne, and it was the largest in Australian shopping haven during that decade. What made it what it is today is the fact that it was ahead of its time. It catered to the familiar mall type shopping venue way ahead of the other aera. In the past, center city shopping areas were popular then. When a shopping mall wasn’t a popular option yet, Chaddy was considered a pioneer in Australia. Changes Through The Years It had a number of changes. The very first changed happened during 1967 when the roofing was transformed into translucent fiber glass. In that same year, the bowling alley and some parts it were also changed to make it more accessible to people. Expansion of the it first happened during the 1980s as more stores and a cinema complex has been opened. In 2009, it reclaimed the title of being the largest not only in Australia but also in the whole Southern Hemisphere. Among the most common rivals of Chadstone include Westfield Doncaster up north and Westfield Knox located in the eastern region of Australia.

Chaddy in Present timeToday, it is one of the most successful shopping havens in Australia. It is now worth one billion Australian dollars. In 2004 alone, the net income of it was around $970 million. Combined with its number of retail stores and other businesses, this is not only a place where you can purchase things you need. This has become an attraction in its own right. Worthy of Time Despite the Chadstone Shopping Centre being a great venue to shop or to window shop, this becomes a major source of traffic issues in its area. Given the free parking that would cater to as much as 93,000 cars, this has contributed greatly to the congestion of nearby arterial networks of roads especially during peak times. Nevertheless, most of its customers claimed that despite the traffic, this shopping mall is worth visiting.

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