The Biggest Shopping Mall of China

The Biggest Shopping Mall of China

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New South China Mall Will it Last 300x200 The Biggest Shopping Mall of China

The New South China shopping mall is the largest mall in the
world in terms of its gross leasable area. The mall which was officially commissioned in 2005 has a total of 659,612 square meters and has a space totalling to 110,000 square feet. This mall is massively underutilized as the owners of the mall expected a total of one hundred thousand visitors visiting this place every single day. This has not been the case. This mall though big in size is virtually empty with very few activities taking place in a day.

Location of the Largest Mall in the World

The Largest mall in the world has exciting areas of attraction including its very natural surroundings. However, its location is one of its undoing. It is located far away from Donqqun City center making it very difficult for visitors on the city to travel and check out the mall to experience the best that it can offer. The Donqqun city is majorly a home to factories and therefore the workers of this factory cannot be the target of this magnificent mall.

It’s Downfall

The giant shopping mall is a 2 1/2 hour drive from the city center and this makes it difficult for the rich city dwellers to pay it a visit and sample the best that the giant shopping mall can offer. Perhaps the only reason that takes the residents to this giant shopping mall is to watch the IMAX cinema. Everyone talks of visiting the mall with an aim to experience watching in its IMAX cinema. Although this is the giant mall in the world, still it comes with disadvantages such as the 15 minute walk from the nearest bus stop if visitors plan to visit the shopping mall. This means that only those people who have personal cars can easily access the largest shopping mall in the world and experience the best that it can offer. It is said that this shopping mall despite being the largest is 99% vacant since it was opened back in 2005. Its main issue is the lack of enthusiastic occupants. It is said that only some small food chains are open on its parking structure.

How Long will it Last?

Despite all these, the mall still attracts a number of people including families with kids who visit the amusement park at the facility. Though most of the shops at this facility are empty, it is expected that as days go by, the population upsurge will bring visitors to this giant shopping mall in Asia. Similarly, it is expected that investors in time will develop an interest in this facility and start to generate millions of dollars.

It Needs a Boost

Because this biggest shopping mall in the world is 99% vacant, therefore it is obvious that something may have gone wrong along the way, it could either be wrong marketing strategy or maybe its owner was just in a hurry to create his mall despite the lack of marketing plan. Whatever happens, wherever this shopping mall has gone wrong, it still needs another chance. Hopefully, if people would only value the pride it brings to their country, being the “world’s largest mall”, this may boost the people and help it improve so it can still operate in the long run.

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