The Biggest Shopping Mall of Europe

The Biggest Shopping Mall of Europe

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The Biggest Shopping Mall of Europe 300x199 The Biggest Shopping Mall of Europe

Trinity is one of the biggest shopping mall in Europe and
has opened its doors to people who want to rent stores in this £378 million facility. The facility is expected to attract as many as 25 million visitors across the globe. Among the retail names that are featured in this mall include Primark, Mango, Urban Outfitters, Next and Topshop. The facility is amazing with over 120 shops, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Trinity shopping mall is expected to generate over £29.5 million rent. This biggest shopping mall just opened in March 21, 2013.

The Most Visited Shopping Mall in Europe

Land security is one of the units in this biggest shopping mall that is expected to attract more than 23 million visitors per year, this amount makes this shopping mall the most visited shopping mall in Europe. It features a large number of famous retail names such as Primark, Topshop and others. The opening of this facility was a reprieve to the residents of Leeds following the hard economic time that had earlier on made over 32 shops closed business across the United Kingdom. The dark clouds that were hanging over the residents and the visitors of this area have cleared since the residents are now able to go about with their business knowing very well that the Leeds Trinity shopping mall is there to serve them.

In Demand Shopping Mall among Retailers

This facility whose construction commenced in 2012 looks poised for bigger things with over 80% of the let units already taken by retailers. Already, there are a number of investors from outside Leeds who are taking up the units which points towards a bright future for the facility. Leeds is a strong financial base with a lot of money exchanging hands every single day. That is why there is a fierce competition among retailers who are eyeing this facility with a hope to cut a bigger pie when the facility is fully operational. Rents and packages at this facility are standard and the owners of the facility have promised they would be stable for a long period of time. On the other hand most of the companies in Leeds have not been expanding in the past many years; this is expected to change when Trinity starts controlling the economy of the place.

Construction Phase

The most intriguing story here is how the project was assembled. The land security took over 5 years assembling the site where to construct this biggest shopping mall in Europe. The land securities had to acquire small sites that were already in this area and which were ageing. It also acquired other pieces of land that was sold in the surrounding area. Extensive demolition were also done to give way to this biggest shopping mall and site clearance was acquired way back 2008 just to ensure the construction is all good to go.

Visit and Enjoy Trinity

Because Trinity has just opened its doors to the public, you can expect that there will still be more extensions or additional renovations to be made to serve and satisfy the public. Trinity is a new shopping mall however it is already obvious that this shopping mall is ready to take on the world and compete with other amazing shopping malls on earth. So don’t waste your time and visit Trinity. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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