Bill France and NASCAR

Bill France and NASCAR

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There are a lot of people who promote the NASCAR time to time. Because of those people today NASCAR has popularity and fame among the people of whole world. Bill France is the one of those people who worked hard for NASCAR.

Bill France is the NESCAR founder who hails from America and is reputed for founding and managing NASCAR the sanctioning body for the US stock car racing. He was born in September 1909 in Washington, DC. He died in 1992 and was blessed with three children Bill France, Jr. and Jim France.

His Early Life

France was born by Emma Graham who was an immigrant from Ireland and William Henry France. At a tender teenage, he skipped school to make laps in a family car. He did this on so many occasions until when he grew and was able to compete his father in races. He was employed by several companies before he started operating his own service station. He was known for waking up early just to start customers’ cars even when the winter season was at its peak. To escape the Great depression, he moved together with his family from Washington to Dayton where he settled down as a house painter and also worked at a nearby dealership before finally setting up a car repair shop in Daytona Main Street station.

His Racing Career

His first race was on March 8, 1936 where he participated in the stock car race organized by Sig Haugdahi. The race was held on the Daytona Beach Road course but the event was poorly organized. In this race, France finished 5th. Later own, Haughdahi talked to France and the two in conjunction with Daytona Beach Elks organized another event in 1937. This event was more successful but Haugdahi lost a lot of money in the event. He vowed never to promote another event again. France took over the mandate of organizing and running the course in 1938. In that year’s event, he was beaten by Danny Murphy but in September he beat Pig Riding and LIoyd Moody to lift the Labor Day trophy.

When it comes to inspiration, the late Dale Earnhardt was inspirational and has been declared the NASCAR hero and was managed to develop a fan base that was passionate. His black Goodwrench jackets are still being worn by the fans. Researchers are still researching on what exactly Earnhardt used to inspire the fans.

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