Brilliant Uses for Toothpaste

Brilliant Uses for Toothpaste

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Toothpaste Brilliant Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste is used by human beings to keep their teeth white and smile bright. It deodorizes, removes stains, protects and restores enamel. There are many brands and variants of toothpastes, from minty and icy to the plain white and stripes. With its many wonderful things that it can do to make us smile confidently, talk to people, and kiss our loved ones at any time of the day, toothpaste is a must-have in our daily lives. But aside from its cleaning capabilities to our teeth, it has many benefits to many other things, for the health and for use within the home.

Try these top 10 brilliant uses for toothpaste and see it working its magic for you and in your household.

Relieve irritation and sores

Blisters, sores and bites from bugs are just painful and disturbing. Sometimes, it is even very itchy which makes it hard to scratch because you might end up damaging the integrity of your skin. You may have topical creams in your medicine cabinet which you feel comfortable to apply to soothe your itching skin. But in case you have none, toothpaste is a better alternative. Simply apply a drop of toothpaste to the affected area in order to lessen the swelling and stop the itching. Blisters and sores will dry up and the wound heals faster. Leave it on overnight for better results.

As a caulk

When you are planning to makeover your house, you must have reorganized, rearranged and threw away old photo frames that have been hanging on the walls, collecting dust and made the house look creepy. What you have left? Nail holes that are too unsightly and difficult to cover up. The solution: toothpaste. Fill those holes with toothpaste and smoothen. Once it is completely dry, use sandpaper to even and smoothen out the surface. You can now apply paint to finish your makeover.

Remove stains

If it can make your teeth whiter and brighter, it can also do with clothes and carpet stains. One of the brilliant uses for toothpaste is that it can remove tough stains. When you have wine or food stains on your clothes, apply toothpaste directly onto the stain and rub briskly until the stain is gone, then wash like you normally wash your clothes. On carpet stains, apply directly on to the stain and scrub using an abrasive brush and then rinse. Be careful with whitening toothpastes because it can sometimes bleach the fabric.

Remove crayon stains

Your little ones may be working out on their painting skills and crafty talents and made your painted walls their drawing board. It is not right to scold them and let them scrub off the crayon marks on the walls. It makes your house walls look like an abstract painting. Before you lose your mind and hide in the room, go to the bathroom first and take a moment to breath. And you saw that tube of toothpaste smiling at you. Voila! Toothpaste rubbed on a damped cloth is perfect for removing marked-up wall, restoring your walls’ paint color and bringing back the smiles on your kids’ scared faces.

Save CDs and DVDs

When CD and DVDs were very expensive and precious, people collected too many of these and just wanted to listen or watch movies from it over and over again, scratching and making it useless. Before you throw them into the garbage, toothpaste will come to the rescue. Apply a thin coating of toothpaste to the disc, gently rubbing it and rinsing it clean with a damp towel. If you’re lucky, you’ll go back to your movie marathons and throwback Thursdays in no time.

Polish jewelry

To bring back the shine and sparkle of your jewelries, scrub diamond rings with toothpaste and rinse. Your watch may be looking filthy because of its constant exposure to the elements. Use a dry cloth and a dab of toothpaste and rub on your watch to knock off dirt. Make sure to remove all traces of toothpaste on your jewelry. However, this does not work on pearls because it will damage the quality of the pearls.

Clean iron crust

Clothes look great when they are neatly ironed. Overtime, the plate of the iron collects and develops burned crust, leaving dirty marks on your clothes. To save money from buying a new clothes iron, scrub toothpaste on the plate and the rusty-looking layer is gone in seconds. Now, you can use your iron just like new.


Scuba diving and snorkeling are great underwater activities, but when the masks and goggles get foggy, the fun is over. Wiping it with cloth will make things worse or washing it plain water simply does not work. Defogger gels are too expensive. Just rub a small amount of toothpaste into the lenses and rinse thoroughly. Rub gently to avoid scratching the lenses.

Cleans scuffed-up shoes

Your new pair of kicks may be nice to sport around the hallways. And after a day of walking, your shoes are now dressed up with scuff marks. Fear not! By simply brushing the sides of your footwear with a bit of toothpaste and wiping it clean, your shoes will once again look good as new. This works well with leather and rubber shoes.

Deodorize baby bottles

Sometimes, baby bottles smell sour when leftover milk is left to spoil. This may become unsanitary or your baby will not like his feeding bottle anymore. Baby bottles are easy to clean up. Use toothpaste and bottle scrubber to remove unappealing smells and bottles are cleaned and deodorized. Rinse well and sterilize like you usually do.

A simple tube of toothpaste will do so many things to the home. It cuts the budget on grocery bills and lessens the items of household cleaners. It is safe to the health and it is always readily available anytime you need something for quick cleaning and instant polishing.

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