How to Come Up With a Business Name

How to Come Up With a Business Name

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How to come up with a business name? To a business, a name may be the thin line dividing success and failure. Creating a business name looks like a simple task at a glance but it may not be as easy as it looks. One of the factors that makes it complicated is the fact that there are millions of businesses already registered under the name you may now be thinking about to the extent that you feel as if there are no more business names left! Before you settle on an irrelevant business name, please read our guide. We are here to help you ensure that you would not only successfully create a business name but also create a highly relevant business name. Here are the steps you need to follow to come up with a business name.

Ensure the Name is Unique

The name is your identifier. It is that which makes you different from your competition. For this reason, make sure that the name you are choosing will in a large way differentiate you from the competition. When you choose a name that is almost similar to another business, chances are high that your business will be confused with theirs and you may lose clients to your competitor. A unique name also makes it easy to market your business without clients doubting whether your products and services are genuine. Even as you try to make the name unique, ensure that it will be a name that is easy to pronounce and remember or else the clients will forget it as soon as the advert on the TV is over!

Make it Short and Clear

Simplicity and clarity are the secrets behind successful business names. A business name can either sell your brand or destroy your brand. Imagine the effects of a business name which is two lines long! No one would bother mentioning it let alone memorizing! For this reason, always ensure that your business name takes the shortest form possible. If there is a way, then, let your business name be made of one or two words. In that manner, when someone hears the name once, he would be able to recall it or even memorize it.

Make it Relevant

If you really want your business name to market for itself, then, it is no doubt that it will have to be relevant to the business brand. For instance, if you are dealing with shoe export, it will be very misleading to call your business a bakery outlet. When the name is relevant, there are many instances where you will not need to market your product to the people. They will get the information from the business name and become clients!

There is Much More in a Business Name

The list on how to come up with a business name is endless. It cannot be exhausted here. However, even when the name is simple, easy to remember, makes sense and is precise, you will still have to check with the registrar of businesses to ensure it does not exist. Therefore, come up with at least two or three alternative names that you can always revert on should your preferred name belong to another business.

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