Things to Keep In Your Car

Things to Keep In Your Car

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For most of the people, our cars are very important to us. We want to make it as convenient as possible because it something that we have wherever we go. That is why it is very practical to store things that are very useful to our day to day lives. Just in case, you don’t know what these things are? Worry no moreHere are the top 10 things to keep in your cars.


This may seem unusual but blankets are important. You never know when the situation calls for you to spend a night or sleep on your car. It’s better to be prepared and be warm rather than to freeze in the cold. It can also be very handy for unplanned moments like picnics and sleepovers. Even if you think that the weather is nice, you can never tell because it is unpredictable. These blankets can make it possible for you to curl up, keep warm and sleep anytime and anywhere.

Bottled Water

Who wants to get thirsty while on the road right? There will be those times wherein you’ll get stuck somewhere with no store to buy water and food from, a desert perhaps, so it’s good to have a back-up on your car’s compartment. You do not want to die of thirst or be dehydrated. You should keep distilled drinking waters so just to be safe, with all the weather and temperature conditions that change from time to time. Bottled waters are better than soft drinks or sodas, healthy and definitely thirst-quenching.


By snacks, we mean those high energy bars or those kinds of food that are ready to eat by just adding hot water. These are very practical to have in your cars because this way, you’ll never go hungry. You can have some nuts or jerky, anything that you can store for quite some time on your vehicles. You can even share this with the people that you are with at the given moment and you won’t have to make some stop-over or search for the nearest convenience stores when you feel that familiar feeling on your tummies. This way, you’ll get to your destination sooner.


Even though you think that you know the place you’re going very well, it doesn’t hurt to have a map inside the car. This would help if for destinations that are new to you and so that you can easily find your way through streets and roads. Keeping detailed map at all times is a must especially if you’re a travel buff. You can’t completely rely in the GPS navigation on cars because there can be incidents where they will malfunction and you’ll get lost in the middle of nowhere. And you’ll even get to know where the popular landmarks of the place are without having to ask any stranger at all.

Booster (Jump) Cables

These are definitely a must have! It is inevitable that during long road trips, your car’s battery might die, with these cables on your trunk, you’ll get those batteries fixed in no time! You will be able to get your car started and even be a Good Samaritan and help someone out with their car if you happen to stumble upon one who needs it. You can have a safe and happy trip because you know you’ve got it covered when something like that happens.

First Aid Kit

Just in case someone gets hurt when you’re on a trip and the medical assistance you called has taken hours to come, you can do a first aid beforehand just to lessen the pain or the effects of the wound. It is good to have a first aid kit in your car so you’ll be prepared for the accidents or injuries that you may encounter. Slowing down a bleeding can go a long way already rather than having to walk it off and before you know it, the person has collapsed. You know what they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.


You may not think that is not, but flashlights are definitely on the list of the top 10 things to always keep in your car. It comes on handy when you’re changing a tire in the middle of the night and or fixing your car’s battery when it breaks down somewhere you can’t call anyone for help. It is important to store some fresh and extra batteries with this one because you’ll never know how long you’re going to have to use it.

Portable Battery Charger

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve used up your phone’s battery from playing some tunes with your headphones on or entertaining yourself by playing temple run 2 and you have to wait for the next pit stop to charge your phone? Well, technology has provided us a solution to this dilemma! Load up your car with a portable mobile charger so you won’t have to worry about your phone’s dead battery, this way you can enjoy your some music or games without having to agonize yourself with the minutes left. It would be just enough to get you to your destination and you would be able to charge your portable charger for the next trip.

Emergency Money

You can put it inside a small purse and hide it somewhere deep in the compartment or secret on inside your car. A small amount of bills and coins will do. Just keep in mind that this stashed away money is for emergency purposes only and buying candy or cigarette is not a n emergency.

Owner’s Manual

Naturally, this should be in your car anyway. The owner’s manual holds a lot of information about the car that you haven’t even figured out yet. It is good not to take it out because there might come a time that you will have to use it such as changing a tire.

If you are scheduling a road trip soon with your friends and family, you better load up your car with these top 10 and other car essentials as well.  Plan your trip properly to keep the worries away!

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