Centro Comercial Santa Fe

Centro Comercial Santa Fe

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Centro Comercial Santa Fe Centro Comercial Santa Fe

Centro Comercial Santa Fe is a shopping mall situated in Mexico.
It is the 5th largest mall in Latin America. The building of the mall is luminously designed. It is a very modern mall just like the latest and beautiful malls of the world. In its neighborhood, there are many multinational corporations and skyscrapers. So the building presents an entirely different picture of the city.

Shopping Features

You can have an awesome shopping experience here in more than 285 stores, dealing in different international and local brands. In international brands, you can enjoy the bargains from Mango, Zara, French Connection and many more. Among other features, you’ll discover many restaurants, boutiques, playing areas, and many other findings of entertainment. In the shops, you can buy many high quality products at a very reasonable price. Both local and branded stores are well organized. Most of its store keepers deal with the customers in a very polite manner, which is a proof of a good and efficient management behind it.

Unique Attractions

Another most attractive thing for the visitors is the cubical area filled with household appliances which is  known as “La Lavadora” meaning “the washing machine”. Aside from its uniqueness, one of the major attractions of the mall is the restaurants and food bars. After shopping, spend some time to enjoy dinner with your family. A tasty and delicious food will tempt your appetite. Especially after working hours, many businessmen and other working people rush out to have a dinner in the mall’s restaurants. Some popular restaurants in the mall include Guadiana and Los Canarios. All kinds of Mexican food and many other appetizing cuisines are available all the time. If you don’t love shopping, then you can also have an option to visit the mall for food only.  The specialty of these restaurants is that you can have a good quality food at an affordable price.

Playing Area

Don’t leave your children at home when you make a plan for shopping in this mall. They also have right to enjoy, have fun and to be amused. It would be more than good if you make a plan for shopping with your friends and other families. In this way, usually children enjoy more when they come out with their friends. That’s why for the kids, malls have a specific area where they don’t disturb their parents and enjoy the fullest. In the playing area, there are many activities for all age group children, where special caretakers are appointed to look after the kids.

Visit the Shopping Mall Now

The tourists, who come to Latin America to spend their vacation should never forget to visit this shopping mall. People who don’t have the conveyance can hire a taxi or can get the services of a local bus to enjoy the view at the same time. This shopping mall is for family and if you plan on strengthening the bond of your family, Centro Santa Fe is a good place to start your bonding moments you’ll never forget.

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