The Challenging Off Road Racing in Australia

The Challenging Off Road Racing in Australia

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 The Challenging Off Road Racing in Australia

Off road racing is one of the best formats to test not only the machine, but also the will of drivers to reach the finish line. This event started in the US, and it eventually became popular in the land down under. Modified vehicles run across the desert, and other uncharacteristic tracks to get to the finish line. Australia holds one of the best sites for off road racing. The definition of off road racing means the vehicles will have to endure 80% (or more) of dirt, gravel and other materials that wouldn’t be defined as a sealed roadway.

The off road track typically cover different difficulty ratings to guide the drivers accordingly. Since most off road races would run for hours or even more than one day, this rating indicates as to what the participants are going to get. Aside from the long hours of driving, the organizers of off road races would also rate the route and help you can expect along the way. Participating in off road racing, in Australia or any part of the world, may require you to have a navigator most of the time. This means that the driver will only worry of the steering wheel and the navigator of the direction where they should be going. There are some off road racing tracks that would require weeks of planning. From getting enough supplies to understanding the terrain, these are all part of the racing preparations for such events.

Australia has a couple of off road racing venues. Australia has become popular among the racing aficionados with its outback. The Australian outback provides some of the most rugged environment any vehicle and racer would experience. There are races that would require nine days, of being in the road, to go toe to toe not only with your opponents but also against fatigue and the elements.

List of Off Road Racing Events in Australia

Australasian Safari

Australiasian Safari brings one of the most difficult off road tracks out there. In fact, it is considered as the one of the most prestigious events in Australia. The race covers 5000 kilometers of tough Western Australian terrain. Participants would have to endure the elements and their fatigue for over nine straight days. Bikes, autos and quads are all participating in this racing event.

Condo 750

For two straight days, cars and motorcycles will have to traverse the 750 kilometer track for the Condo 750. This event is challenging in its own right considering you will need not only your driving skills but also some navigation as you try to reach the finish line.

Gascoyne Dash

Gascoyne Dash is a 2 day event that covers all sorts of off road racing terrains ranging from rocky to sandy riverbed. Also, racing participants don’t just have to worry about driving flat as the Gascoyne Dash offers steep hills and sand dunes. Though it is only a two day racing event, this can test versatility and the vehicle’s overall durability to changing conditions.

What started as a small time event for small clubs has now become popular across Australia. With the nature of Australia’s outback and terrain, this has become one of the most popular sites for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to conduct off road racing.

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