Things to Check in Your Employment Contract

Things to Check in Your Employment Contract

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Signing an employment contract is not as simple as scanning slightly the pages of your contract and sign it as soon as you can. I know most people especially if it’s your first employment you tend to get so excited you forgot to check on valuable things on your contract. This must be avoided to avoid any problems later in your employment. So to ensure you have a smooth employment contract signing, here are some of the most important things to check before signing your employment contract.

Check the Correct Spelling of your Name

You may think this is basic and easy but don’t you know that most people tend to sign an employment contract without even checking for the spelling of their name? An even worse thing is those people who don’t even check whether the contract they’re signing is under their name. Some tends to interchange it especially if you were hired together with another person. Both of you get too excited and signed the contract of the other person, this is quite funny and stupid but it does really happen. So ensure you are checking not just the spelling but also the right name on your employment contract.

Check the Date of Hire

The date of your hire is important as this will be the basis of when you will be regularized in the company. This will also be the basis of your length of service in case you will retire and the calculation of your retirement fee is based on that point of date. There are also some companies who have their own rules and regulations which make the date of hire important. For example, the company will declare that those people hired in this certain date will be included in the monthly bonus scheme while those that were hired past this date will not be able to avail of the bonus scheme. Your date of hire is also important for this will tell your employer of how long have you been in the company and in case you will transfer to another company, this will determine how long is your experience on a given field.

Salary Structure

One of the most important factors to check is the salary on your employment contract. This is important because your allotted salary will be issued every month and your bonus will sometimes be based on the amount of salary offered to you. If ever there are deductions and taxes, then you can determine the right computation because you have an idea of the amount of your offered salary.

The Benefits

Benefits is the main thing employees’ check so when signing an employee contract make sure all the needed benefits you want are included. There are cases when a business will claim that you have this and that benefits but it turns out it is not included in the contract. So to ensure you have the full rights to your benefits, then make sure the benefits are laid out properly.

Check Before Signing

Again, before signing your employment contract make sure to check all these basic and important things. Be wise and well informed because these things are your legal rights that the business or the company you applied for should check and respect.

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