A Chic Mixed-Use Urban Development in Texas – The Galleria

A Chic Mixed-Use Urban Development in Texas – The Galleria

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A Chic Mixed Use Urban Development in Texas The Galleria A Chic Mixed Use Urban Development in Texas   The Galleria

The Galleria is an example of an expensive urban mall in the United States.
The mall is located in the district of Houston, Texas. It covers an area of 2.4 million square feet although the total area of the mall is 3 million square feet. The Galleria is the 8th largest mall in the United States and the only largest shopping mall of Texas. This shopping mall idea was originally developed by Gerald D. Hines and its first opening was way back in November 1970. I’m sure you’re curious how this shopping mall lasts in this modern world despite its age. To answer your question, let’s take a tour what’s inside this shopping mall.

Its Composition

Currently the host shops of the mall include Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. The Galleria is a grand hub of more than 375 stores, retail complex, activity places, entertainment and many more. Galleria office tower complex is also one of the features of this great mall. To add up to all these features are health courts, dry clean services, salons and spas are also available here. Outside the shopping centres, many offices and restaurants are present to cater the appetite of shoppers. So you can determine how busy and commercialized this area is. A number of tourists select this shopping mall when they come to spend holidays in Houston. It is determined that the mall is visited by almost 35 million people annually, which is a very good ranking. This is also the shopping mall with the highest annual sales recorded.

Prime Hotels

In the complex of the mall, you’ll see two Westin hotels. One is Westin oaks and the second is Westin Galleria. These hotels are also known as Galleria Plaza Hotel as they are the part of the Galleria plaza. Many tourists prefer to book the rooms in one of these hotels because of the prime location and associated entertainment. In the mall, you will also find many offices and multinational companies. Sometimes different teams and colleagues also come out to visit the mall, especially at the time of lunch break.

Let’s Get Entertained

An ice skating rink is also present to ensure that families and friends can bond together. This is why up until now this shopping mall survives. It offers modern facilities like no other shopping malls despite its age of existence. The area of about 20,000 square feet is consumed by this ice skating rink. The rink was made in 1970 and it is the first ever rink that is built in any mall. The name of the rink is “Polar Ice”.

A beautiful glass atrium is also added to the beauty of the mall.
On the roof, you’ll also find a jogging track from where you can have a look of the skating rink. In the complex of the mall, there are almost 50 restaurants and food courts. At a very reasonable price you can enjoy the meal deals with Truffle Oil.

Take Pleasure in this Shopping Mall

The Galleria is obviously a luxurious shopping mall considering that is has 2 prime hotels to cater local and international shoppers. When it comes to entertainment, this shopping mall will not disappoint you. By just exploring the fun of its ice rink and the luxurious shops, you will certainly come back for more.

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