Children’s Party Food Ideas

Children’s Party Food Ideas

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Children’s Party Food Ideas 300x199 Children’s Party Food Ideas

A birthday party for your kid is one of the many ways to make him happy on his very special day. Planning can be time-consuming and sometimes pricey, but parents need to keep in mind that most kids are already happy with the simple things like playing games and munching on their favorite treats. Here are the top 10 children’s party food ideas that will surely get your kid and his little guests have a party to remember.

Pizza Pops

Who does not like pizza? To make it more appetizing and interesting for the kids, present it as pizza pops. It will surely keep the kids coming back for more bites. You can start with the simplest fillings like pineapple, ham, and cheese because these are kids’ favorites.


Any kid will enjoy a piece of hotdog on a stick. You can even add a piece of marshmallow for a sweet twist. It is one of the most inexpensive party foods that appeal to most kids. You can make it look fancy by making pigs in a blanket which are quick, delicious and perfectly kid-sized. You can also set up a hotdog bar that will give kids plenty of choices for their toppings, fillings and sauces.

Ice Cream Parlor

You can set up a sundae bar and provide different sorts of colorful toppings, syrups, cones and cups. You can also include chopped fruits for a healthier touch. Crumble cookies and candy bars are also great for added crunch. Adults should be in charge of the scooping, and let the young guests do the decorating.

Pasta with Meatballs

Meatballs mixed into spaghetti will surely get the party guests eating and enjoying the company of their friends. You can also include grated vegetables into the sauce for a healthier meal.

Drink Mixes

You can serve drinks like fruit-flavored juices in clear water containers for kids to drink when they need to cool down after the games. These are budget-friendly and a $5 pack can already provide drinks for your party guests. You can even opt for frozen, fruit concentrates for a more natural preference.

Ice Pops

Perfect for a summer children’s party, ice pops are pretty inexpensive. You can keep them in coolers until ready to serve.


You can set up a burger bar where children can assemble their own burger with the different choices of toppings, meats and sauces. Include a variety of vegetables and fruits so they also eat healthy foods.


Kids can have a decorating activity with cupcakes and an assortment of icings, marshmallows, chocolate buttons, personalized toppers and plenty of sprinkles. They can even bring their decorated cupcakes home as a party favor.


Choose from chocolate chip, peanut butter, or snicker doodle; kids will surely munch them. These are cheap and so easy to make. You can even cut cookies into fun shapes that will appeal to the little guests.

Party Cake

This is the most important sweet treat in any children’s party. You can order from your favorite cake shop, bake it yourself or buy ready-made sponge cakes then decorate it the with your kid. The most important thing is that the little celebrant can blow a candle and share the cake with his friends.

As for any children’s party, do not hesitate to have your kid participate in the planning. This way, he gets involved and you get direct input from the celebrant himself. It is his special day after all.

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