Clever Ways to Make Extra Money Today

Clever Ways to Make Extra Money Today

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When you were a kid, you may have dreamed of becoming world-famous chef or a fashion designer when you grow up. However, with the present condition of the economy today, the possibility of achieving these dreams may be hard to reach. The number of job losses, salary deductions, and eliminated bonuses has been increasing, but your household utility bills are not. You need to find ways to earn extra income just to make ends meet and still have something to treat yourself whenever you want to.

Here are top 10 clever ways to make extra money today, either at the comfort of your own home or during your spare time.

Start a “Business”

Make your hobby or passion get paid by turning it into a business. If you are into photography, dancing, playing the piano, or baking, find ways to earn money from it. You can take photos of everyday life and sell it online like wherein your accepted photos will get paid every time subscribers download them. You can also do private dance lessons or piano lessons at home with your friends’ kids or you can volunteer at a nearby school to handle their music class. If you are fond of baking and cooking, you can sell your products through order basis.

Personal Services

Everyone needs help with the simplest task at home. You can give out your phone numbers in case your neighbors need help with their laundry, baby sitting their kids, or watching their pets while they are away on a vacation. You can even do the shopping for them.


If you have good internet connection at home and a perfect English, you can try online jobs like writing, graphic designing, proofreading and public relations. You can write, edit, and proofread for magazine or newspaper articles, web content, technical manuals, books and blogs. If you have the artistic skills, you can be a graphic artist or web designer. Search online for job offers or ads so you can post your resume and samples of your work so employers can contact you.

Sell Your Books

Perhaps, you are a bookworm who likes to buy and read books and novels. When you are done reading the books, chances are you will find it useless. The best thing to do is sell them to your friends, to the library, or online. For sure, many people will be interested in it because they can buy it at lower prices compared to the bookstore’s price tag. Make sure to take care of the books so you can still sell them at good rates.

Enter Local and Online Sweepstakes

This may sound unrealistic but many people have their lives made better because of winning the sweepstakes. You can join in the local sweepstakes and win household appliances, grocery gift certificates, and latest car models or maybe an all-expense paid vacation for two.

Join Focus Groups and Get Paid

Joining a focus group will definitely let you make extra money by just spending an hour or two. You can participate in online surveys, product trials, and phone surveys that will also make you earn $10 to $150 dollars.

Sell Junk Items

If you have plenty of unused things in the house, do not wait for them to rust or be destroyed by dust. Do a yard sale and invite your neighbors, relatives and friends to come over during Sundays. You can even take photos of your items and post them online for people to choose and maybe offer free shipment for bulk purchases.

Be a Secret Shopper

All you need is a keen eye for details and good memory. Secret shopping companies will hire secret shoppers to go undercover and make observations and reports on other companies’ operations from a customer point of view. You do not only earn money but you can also learn customer service skills necessary for your own company or for sharing with your employees in the future.

Join a Direct Selling Company

One of the easiest and best ways to make money is direct selling. When you sell products that you use or are fond of, you will have the passion to sell it and people will be easily convinced to buy them. You can join Avon or other direct selling companies available in your area. If it is your part time work, you can sell during your off-duty hours or even market your products with your colleagues. Once they know you, they will just approach you every time they repeat an order. There are even others who make it as a full time job and are earning enough money to support the whole family and even an extra for themselves. The best thing about direct selling is that you get to earn money big time while spending more time with your family.

Virtual Nursing

If you are a registered nurse and are tired of working long night shifts, you can still practice your profession and work in your own home. Health care and insurance companies hire nurses to answer questions from clients regarding their medical conditions or medications through phone or email. Usually, companies will provide you with the computer and tools you need when you work for them to ensure patient privacy regulations. Anyone who is retiring, have little kids or just want to have flexible hours while practicing nursing can be a virtual nurse. You only need to have the skills of a hands-on nursing experience and specialized training in order to be competent in doing your online nursing job.

Find ways to earn extra money while working with your corporate job is a clever way of getting through this sagging economy that we are experiencing today. All you need to do is to be resourceful and creative in your ideas so you will definitely make money.

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