How to be Comfortable with Your Officemates

How to be Comfortable with Your Officemates

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 How to be Comfortable with Your Officemates

A new job may make you feel uncomfortable and anxious at the same time. There is so many people who will be looking at the new guy. They usually size you up from head to foot to see if you are up to their standards. This alone can make you feel really uncomfortable and does not help with building relationships. As the new guy, it is up to you to reach out and get to know the people in your workplace. It will take a huge amount of time for you to get to know them and be comfortable with your new co-workers but if you do it right, you will be having a lasting relationship with them in no time.

Take Lunch with them

The best way to get to know your new workmates is to take lunch with them. There will always be someone who will invite you to take lunch with them. It might not the right person as you are still feeling people out but it is a good step to take. Get to know the people inside your office through the eyes of the person who you’ve invited or who invited you to lunch. This will help you understand the culture inside the office even if it is just a single source. You can always branch out later on.

Enjoy Coffee Breaks

Inside the office, coffee breaks are usually the time to chat up with other people outside of work. Take this time to mingle with your new office mates. This is also the time that some curious people will come up to you and talk to you. Grab this opportunity to get to know them instead of taking coffee breaks by yourself. Be sociable with them and you will easily win them over. But remember, this ain’t a party that you have to brag about things. Keep your conversations casual and see if they are worth building relationships with.

Accept Invitations

The same concept as above but this time, most of your office mates are off from work and sometimes they end up going to the bar across the street to have some drink. If they do ask you out to join them, go ahead and accept it. If you do not like the crowd then you can always excuse yourself to go home and tell them that you need to be early for work tomorrow. This way, you get to know them outside of work but still enough to have an impression on what they are when they are inside the office.

Be Approachable

One of the most important things for you to be comfortable with your new office is to have that approachable characteristic. Some if not all people will try to get to know you. It is human nature to be very curious of the new guy. If they find you unapproachable, they would either find you to be obnoxious or too busy for them. It might cause some tension within the office and you can easily become the villain. Try to dial down the anxiety by smiling at people whenever they look at you. Smiling makes you an approachable person.

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