Comic Superheroes of All Time

Comic Superheroes of All Time

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Superman 300x225 Comic Superheroes of All Time

Comics have been around for many years now and it has captured the eyes of children and teenagers. Many years ago, when cable television and computers did not exist yet, comics sold like pancakes and comic writers like Stan Lee, Warren Ellis, and Grant Morrison took advantage of this and created many comic superheroes.

For many years, hundreds of comic heroes were created. The top 10 comic superheroes of all time are listed, being the most famous and most collected by fans and comic book collectors.


This Green comic hero is one of the most famous comic book icons in the Marvel Comics industry, and he has been around for many decades. Hulk’s transformation from being an ordinary man to a gigantic green buffed hero is caused by his anger, which he then uses to save people from danger.

Green Lantern

This super hero is one of the most famous comic heroes in the DC Comics franchise. Hal Jordan is the main protagonist and his power lies in the ring that he possessed from a dying alien who was a Green Lantern and gave him this ring as a sign of “passing the torch”. Green Lantern, over the years has developed a group of fans who tried to change the history of the comics when Hal Jordan was supposedly removed from the Green Lantern group by creating H.E.A.T (Hal’s Emerald Advancement Team).

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the oldest DC comics superhero characters. In the comic book, her real name is Diana Themyscira, and she is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta who is the leader of the amazons. The Queen one day made a clay out of a woman and wished the Gods to make her human, and soon enough Diana was born with super strength and the ability to fly.


Spawn is one of the youngest comic book heroes that became so popular in just a short period of time. This super hero was created in 1992. Since then, it has been very popular because of its unique story. Al Simmons is Spawn’s real name, and he was a C.I.A agent who was betrayed and killed by his fellow team mates. When he died, he made a deal with the demon Mealbolgia just to see his wife again. Unfortunately for him, his wish was granted but he has no memory of his past life. He was ordered to destroy heaven so that the demon would rule everything. However, Spawn refused and now, he is at battle with heaven and hell.


Wolverine is considered to be the most famous superhero in Marvel comics. Because of his rebellious character and his unique abilities, Wolverine’s character is more of a melee battle and involves no flying and energy blasts. Wolverine’s history is also very interesting. He was born in the 1900s and was haunted for many years until he outlived his adversaries. In World War II, he met and teamed up with Captain America. Wolverine’s story did not stop there as it continued until it reached the point when he joined the Weapon X team. He was injected with adamantium, an unbreakable metal that can cut through anything, which makes him more indestructible than ever. Today, he is more connected with the X Men where he cemented his legacy and fame.

Spider Man

Spider man is one of the most famous characters in Marvel comics. Though his story is more of a typical comic book story, what’s colorful about Spider Man is how he relates with teenagers since he too started as a teenager. Peter Parker is Spider Man’s real name, and he is the type of teenager who was known to be a geek. He was a silent and shy person, but he was incredibly smart. Peter was bullied throughout his life until a radioactive spider bit him and made him what he is now. Spider Man’s character revolves around a teenager’s life and how he struggles growing up and balancing his life of being a superhero and being an ordinary kid at the same time.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the oldest superhero characters in the Marvel comics. He symbolizes America and he has quick reflexes and great fighting abilities. Steve Rodgers was an ordinary man who tried to list himself in the army. Unfortunately, his body was too sickly and he was not accepted. A general overheard the rejection given to Steve and secretly told him to sign up to become a guinea pig in an experiment that will help create super soldiers. Steve Rodgers agreed and signed up for the team and became Captain America.


Batman is the oldest comic hero listed in DC comics. What’s unique about Batman is that he is not actually have super powers, but he is very intelligent. Batman’s gadgets are very advanced which gives him an advantage fighting crime. Bruce Wayne is Batman’s real name, and as a start of his story, he  fights crime alone. Then, he met his partner Robin, and since then,they have fought crime together, thus the title “the dynamic duo”.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the leader of all characters in the Marvel comics. Billy Batson, a young teenager was chosen by a powerful wizard named Shazam and since then, he became Captain Marvel. His transformation from being a young teenager to a mighty superhero will happen whenever he shouts “Shazam” giving him super strength, speed, and the power of lighting.


There will be no superhero comic character if Superman was not born. Superman is the most famous Superhero character and the first Comic book character. His super strength, ability to fly and run very fast is what excites people about him.  Though he is considered to be immortal and indestructible, he has his share of weaknesses, and shows that he is not immortal whenever a stone called kryptonite goes near him.

Comic superheroes will always be in the market even though “readings” are slowly diminishing because of our technology today. Comic books will always be read by teenager since they express more interesting stories than what videos or movies will show us.

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