Commendable Acne Products to Use

Commendable Acne Products to Use

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Acne is said to be caused when your skin follicles are blocked and once blockage is present, there will eventually be a plug formation of a keratin or sebum which will lead to a breakout. It could either be in a form of a blackhead, whitehead, pinhead, pimples, and papules that could possibly leave a scar. I know there are a lot of people suffering from acne who have tried different treatments such as natural remedies, holistic approach and the last recourse would be medical treatments. But how do you exactly determine the right treatments for you? There are mild, moderate and severe acne and these conditions also accompany different treatments. So let’s discuss the top 10 commendable acne products to use.

Ointments with Benzoyl Peroxide Content

This drug is usually the first recommended drug of doctors. Topical ointments that contain Benzoyl Peroxide could possibly help your skin condition. This drug is said to have almost the same effect as an antibiotic and has different concentrations such as 2.5%, 5% and 10% rate. This drug is usually recommended when a person suffers from mild to moderate acne condition. Just like any other doctors, this is the first line of defense against acne formation. Of course, drugs do have its side effects however for Benzoyl Peroxide the side effects are only light ones such as dryness of the skin and noticeable peeling that may only seldom occur. Furthermore, you must note that this drug increases sensitivity to the sun so you may want to put on some sun block in case you want to use this topical ointment.

Antibiotic Products

Antibiotics are usually used for those people suffering from mild to severe acne condition. Some of the most common antibiotics used are the Clindamycin, Erythromycin, Tetracycline and Minocycline. Although antibiotics are commendable remedies for acne, still there are increasing numbers of people who are developing antibacterial resistance to these products. So these products are only given for a limited period of time.

Hormone Products

Because some acne sufferers are having acne caused by their hormonal imbalance, it is just right to treat their acne using hormone products and treatments that can significantly balance their hormones. It is said that one of the most effectively method to balance hormone is the use of estrogen and progestogen which can be found in some hormonal contraceptive pills. One famous drug is the Diane 35 usually prescribed for women which is known to suppress male hormones in the body. Still the best method is to consult your physician first before buying such drug.

Topical Retinoids or Vitamin A

Topical Retinoids is usually associated with Vitamin A. The function of this product is to normalize the life cycle of your follicle cells. In its simplest definition, this drug helps prevent fast formation of plugs in your skin. You must note though that this product also has a side effect which is a little skin irritation.

Oral Retinoids or the Famous Accutane

Accutane is a very popular drug to most acne sufferers with severe conditions. As the name implies, this drug must be taken orally. However, resorting to this kind of product may come with a lot of side effects still the result or your chances of having a clearer skin is about 80% and 50% for those who are cured completely. There are however people who may need to undergo another cycle of treatment for 20% of people opting this drug are sometimes not successful.

Azelaic Acid in a Form of Ointments, Cream or Gel

This is a topical ointment that can be applied to skin which is said to have a significant help. You can choose a lotion form of this drug with 20% concentration such as AzClear Action lotion and you can also use creams like Azelex and White Action Cream. There’s also a gel form like Finacea. There are a lot of products that contains Azelaic Acid just make sure to check the contents.

Tea Tree Oil Products

There are a lot of products that contain tea tree oil which is taken from the famous leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia. Studies show that tea tree oil have an antiviral effects, antibacterial and even antifungal effects which is helpful in treating acne conditions. In fact, this oil has 5% effectivity just like the Benzoyl Peroxide.

Salicylic Acid

For some women and even men, cleansers are very effective on their skin especially those that contains Salicylic Acid. One good product for this is the oil free acne wash which contains 2% salicylic acid. This type of cleanser is easy to use and creates a foamy effect once used. It removes dirt effectively making your skin cleaner and helps avoid any bacteria that cause acne.

Facial Soaps

There’s really no harm trying facial soaps every day. First, soaps are the first thing we try to get rid of pimples and dirt on the skin. So aside from opting for different acne products, choose a facial soap that contains good chemicals and the ones that doesn’t hurt your skin.

Facial Scrubs

Removing dirt using facial scrubs is also as effective as using facial soaps and ointments. Good facial scrubs are those that contain natural or herbal remedies for the skin. The scrubs present on your product helps eliminate and slough off dirt on clogged pores which also aids in eliminating harmful bacteria.

What is your Acne Remedy?

Now that you know the different commendable products for your acne condition, you can check or ask your nearest local drug store of the brand names which contains the things mentioned above. You see, acne can easily be treated as long as you know its underlying causes. Still, you must consult your doctor first before opting any medical treatments because some products might have negative effects on you. Some are allergic to certain contents so asking and consulting are highly advised before buying these products. If in case you know that you don’t have any allergies or any underlying health problems, then feel free to explore the given information and let us know any improvements you’ll notice after a given period of time.

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