Most Committed Political Omissions

Most Committed Political Omissions

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Regardless of what country they are from or what their nationality are, these politicians have all committed the same errors. These are people who have mastered what they want to say and have gained expertise in expressing or saying it so. They learned and have practiced the art of persuading people and letting them believe that they would act their uttered words if they vote for them. But fortunately voters have learned to become more skilled. They’ve learned to close their eyes and ears to what theses politicians say and do and actually stick to what they believe in. Let us now discuss the top ten political omissions and commissions that our political candidates do.


At the top of our list is uttering erroneous information about a specific issue. This is the way politician talks and discuss about a certain issue that they know little about but still tries to convince people that they do know a lot about it as if these people does not know anything. To be a politician you need not to be a know-it-all type of person because people sympathize with people who are down to earth, goodhearted and decent.

Talking in Riddles 

Some candidates use words and terminologies that confuses and are most likely unfamiliar to the people. They think that by doing so, they could actually impress their audience but in reality, it loses the interest of these people. To be a politician you have to be smart, but not too smart to the extent that you are hard to understand.

Political Candidates Cannot “Walk the Talk”

They often promise and say things that they cannot really do so. By saying you would give people more jobs, then better do so, or you won’t be sitting on the same sit next election. Honesty is the best way to a voter’s heart. You may have deceived them once with your sweet talks but never again when another election is to be done and so its better to be true with your words.

They Promise the Moon, the Stars and Heaven

Political candidates become the most promising people during election. They would promise you everything in return for your votes. They believe that voters are mostly desperate that would easily believe every sweet talk they will say. Better promise something that you can deliver to them when you take your sit. Never promise things that you know you cannot afford to do or give them. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the things you know you can serve or help them with, in fact that’s exactly the right way to do it.

Politicians Ignore the Law and Policies

Most political candidate tend to break the rules set to them and actually expect to get away from it. You have to take full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Voters are wiser now and they will never vote for someone who breaks the law. As a law enforcer or maker, you must abide with the law as well because no one is ever exempted from it. You made them, you know them, you follow them, that’s the way it should be.

Politicians Lie

They often lie about their marriage affairs, they lie about their past mistakes and worst of all, they lie about everything that could possibly ruin their images as a candidate. They will definitely lie to you just to get your votes so better vote wisely. Try not to listen to what they say and instead do your own research on them, if they truly are worthy of being elected.

They Think the People’s Money is their Own

Politicians are the worst keeper and of the people’s money. The tend to set aside that this money should be for the welfare of the majority of the citizens and not just for a few. This is the type of politician you often find in a country that’s suffering poverty. A good politician prioritizes what his or her citizens need before his own.

Political Candidates Throw Mud at Each Other

You are living in the same ground, same country, so why not refrain from bad mouthing each other and character assassination. Every politician has his or her own secrets that should never be mentioned or else you might find yourself burned in the process of doing so. Every politician is a mystery to be solved and therefore you must be able to thoroughly research on them.

They Politicize Everything they Do

Politicians are good at politicking or infusing politics where it should actually not be. Everything they do or decide on, they make it a point that it has political motives and therefore tend to forget the true objective of what these motives are supposed to be. Don’t ever choose a political candidate that has so much to say, so many media appearances because clearly that’s his or her only way to get to our votes.

They are Spenders

People often hear and listen to politicians saying that the government has no money no more and yet these same people do not save at all instead, spends a lot. A good politician does and creates money for his people not just for himself. This is a trait every politician should have.

If it happens that you are a politician; and that you are reading this article and you think you belong to the top ten most committed political omissions, then I would suggest that you review on your purpose, your duties and responsibilities as a politician. If you think you are committing errors, try to reform, but if you know you are the aspiring one, then stay that way and don’t fall into trap. To have a good nation you have got to have a good set of politician.

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