Common Dieting Myths

Common Dieting Myths

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Wrong information about dieting can really mess up your health. And if you are after losing weight, believing the myths that surround dieting can actually cause you to gain weight. This can really be hazardous to your body; and staying ignorant about the right kind of dieting can take its toll on you. So instead of wasting your time on a diet method that doesn’t seem to work, why not find out once and for all if some of your common beliefs are actually wrong? This way, you can stop practicing things and programs that are not really helpful to your goal.

Not Eating After 8PM

The rule of not eating after 8PM is not intended as a general rule. People have different schedules, and this rule doesn’t have the same effect to early sleepers and late sleepers. While it’s true that the body is already in a restful mode at night, one’s capacity to burn calories and digest food is still different from person to person. As long as you’re sure that your body can properly digest the last bites of food that you eat at night, there really is no problem about eating after 8PM.

Skipping Meals Can Help You Lose Weight

Skipping meals will not help you lose weight, as it will only increase your appetite to eat more. And when you experience cravings all throughout the day, you will be more inclined to binge eating. This technique is also a form of yo-yo dieting, so it’s not really good for the body.

Diets Don’t Work

The only reason that diets don’t work is when the wrong methods are practiced. Like if you are restricted from a wide range of foods for a given time, for example; this can be counterproductive as you will have greater cravings after the program is done. But if you practice dieting in moderation by cutting down on fatty and high calorie foods, you will surely notice a decrease in your weight gradually.

Diet Soda is Good for People on a Diet

Diet sodas may contain low to zero calories, but these drinks contain artificial sweeteners. Aside from leaving toxic wastes inside the body, artificial sweeteners can actually increase your appetite too. So you will find yourself eating more food, especially sweets, as your body will be craving for these.

Carbohydrates are Bad for You

Sources of bad carbohydrates like refined rice, pasta, bread, and sugar can indeed be bad for a person who’s dieting; but there are sources of good carbohydrates too. Your body needs complex carbohydrates for energy; and you can get this from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Water and Water Fasting

Water is good for the body as it acts as a cleanser and as a hydrator. But since this is not really a good source of nutrition, going on frequent water fasts is really not that healthy. It can deprive your body of all the essential nutrients that it needs every day; and you will feel weak if you are solely depending on water as your food.

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