Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

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People can get desperate when trying to lose weight. And because of this, engaging in unhealthy and even dangerous schemes may seem to be the best option. But as we all know, extreme measures of losing weight can prove to be destructive to one’s overall well-being. That’s why careful planning and using the right judgment are always important. By finding out the most common mistakes that dieters do to shed off some pounds, you will be enlightened as to the right and wrong methods of maintaining your proper weight.

Skipping Breakfast

How many times have you heard people boasting that they skipped breakfast so that they can lose weight? While this may seem impressive at first, it is really not helpful to your weight loss program. In fact, it can even mess things up.

When you skip breakfast on purpose, your body will hunger for food for the rest of the day. And unless you really have a lot of self control, you might find yourself compensating for your body’s lack of food during lunch and dinner. You might even feel like eating snacks in between meals as your body has been deprived of nutritious food for long hours.

And have you heard about the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The term breakfast is a combination of the words “break” and “fast.” Your body officially fasted all through the night when you went to sleep, and you need to break this fast by eating a healthy breakfast. It can also be called the most important meal, because this will be the basis of your stamina for the rest of the day. And as we all know, most of our work are scheduled in the morning. That’s why calories are also burned faster during the early part of the day.

Eating Every Other Day

Some people are so desperate to lose weight that they force themselves to only eat food every other day. Now this can cause trauma as the body’s internal mechanism will be confused as to your intake of food. You will purposely be denying it of nutrition even if it asks for it; and then bombard it with food the next day because you are now allowing yourself to eat. No, this is not a healthy practice at all.

Eating every other day can actually become a never ending cycle of fasting and binge eating. You will starve your body to lose weight; but then, you will be tempted to eat a lot of food the next day because your body will crave for it. And feeling guilty, you will starve yourself again the next day. The system will mess up your metabolism and may even cause digestion problems. This technique will therefore lead to gaining more pounds as your metabolism will no longer be functioning efficiently.

Buying Diet Food

Eating low-calorie and low carb food is actually good for one’s weight loss program. But if you are using the amount of calories and carbohydrates as an excuse to eat more, then it will only be defeating the purpose. It would just be like eating normal food since your body will be taking in the same amount of these fattening elements.

Eating Salad as Main Course

Salads, particularly vegetable salads, are very nutritious. That’s why it’s recommended as a side dish for the main meals. If you decide to go overboard and eat salads as the main meal itself, then you will not be providing your body with a balanced meal. You also need protein from meat from energy; and this can be in the form of fish, poultry, or lean meat. Eating only vegetables every day may not keep you feeling full and satisfied; and this will expose you to binge eating when you get the chance for it.

One Week Dieting

One common practice in dieting is limiting one’s food intake from Monday to Friday. This can be good, if you are still supplying the body with balanced meals. But if you are literally depriving it with good food for 5 days, only to engage on a feast during the weekend, then it’s going to be counter-productive. And again, this method can confuse your body’s metabolism as there will be days of low intake of food and days of high intake. This can lead to stomach upsets and an imbalance in the body’s sugar levels. So this practice can really be harmful to people with blood sugar problems.

Refusing to Go to the Gym

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym as this place is complete with exercise machines and training equipment that can help you lose weight and tone your muscles. But for some reason, some people don’t like going to the gym. They feel self-conscious about their weight and think that other people will be talking about them. But this is a misconception, as those people who are training in gyms are just as serious in losing weight. You can even seek for professional advice from gym instructors so that you can engage in exercise routines that are really suitable for you.

Setting Goals that are Too High

Dictating to yourself that you need to shed off 20 pounds in just 1 week is a bit hard. It will put too much pressure on your mind and body, and make the whole system ineffective and even destructive in some ways. And even if you are disciplined enough to accomplish your goal, losing too much weight in a short period of time can be damaging to your system. Any drastic change will disrupt the normal functioning of the body, and inhibit its ability to perform well as far as digestion is concerned. Even the process of absorption may be affected; so much so that nutritious foods will not be processed and absorbed properly.

Always Seek Professional Advice

Your health is important and it should not be played with and experimented on especially when nutrition is concerned. Any type of dieting can have a negative effect to your body; so consulting doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists should always be included in your dieting program. This will ensure your safety and also aid the weight loss system to make it more effective.

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