Common Names for Kids

Common Names for Kids

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A name is important to each human being, this serves as an identity or a distinction between one person to another. Without a name a person could be considered as lost. How will you address a person if you don’t have his or her name? How will you get his or her attention? A person with no name is as good as nothing that is why a person upon birth is given a name to provide distinction. There are different names available some have British names, English names, French names, American names and so on. Sometimes it could be a challenge to formulate a name without duplicate. I know names are popular depending on regions however let’s check the names in the United States. Now, let’s check what the top 10 common names for kids are.

Jacob and Sophia

According to the Social Security Administration of the United States, these two names are the top ranking names for the entire 2012. Since this year is not yet over, no census yet for the entire year of 2013. Now, Jacob is the most popular name for boys while Sophia is the most common for girls. I’m sure you will encounter a lot of kids especially some of the classmates of your child named either Jacob or Sophia. When it comes to meaning, Jacob is a biblical name which means supplanter while Sophia means wisdom.

Mason and Emma

Mason ranks 2nd for boys while Emma ranks 2nd for girls. You would certainly hear a lot of kids named after these 2 popular names. Mason is a French and English name which means a stone worker while Emma has different origins such as Latin America, Denmark, and Germany. Emma means universal, a whole part, and a complete one. If you’re having your first child and if she completes you then you can certainly name her “Emma”.

Ethan and Isabella

Ethan ranks 3rd for most boys and Isabella for most girls. Ethan is a Hebrew name which means a strong person. One of the famous personalities whose name is also Ethan is no other than Ethan Allen who is a brave American Soldier. Isabella on the other hand is an Italian name or form of Isabel. It also originates in Spain which means Devoted to God or consecrated to God.

Noah and Olivia

Obviously, Noah is a male name and Olivia for females. Noah is actually a biblical and a Hebrew name which means comfort or long lived, rest and peace. While Olivia could either be a Spanish name, Italian or a biblical name. This name means peace which is simple yet very meaningful. Both names are more on religious aspects.

William and Ava

William is for males and Ava is for females. William is an English, German and French name which simply means the protector! Ava however is an American and Latin American name which means like a bird for Latin Americans and for Americans it means a variation name of medieval names like Aveline and Avis.

Liam and Emily

Liam has three origins; it can either be Irish or Gaelic. For Irish, this name simply stands for a determined guardian and for the Gaelic it means helmeted. Emily on the other hand means a very admiring person. This name also has different origins and for the French, this name is the female form of Emile which means industrious. For Germans, this name is considered to be a variant form of the name Amelia.

Jayden and Abigail

Jayden is an American name which means God has heard. Right now, one of the famous personalities having this name is the son of Will Smith who is Jayden Smith. While Abigail is a biblical name which means a source of joy, a father’s joy, or someone who gives joy. If you feel very joyful of having a baby girl, you can simply name her Abigail to represent the joy she brings in your family.

Michael and Mia

Michael is another biblical name which deeply means like a God or a gift from God! This was because Michael on the biblical stories is the conqueror of Satan and also a good patron saints of soldiers. This name is quite heavy in its meaning. Mia however is another biblical and an Italian name which means mine or my and is said to be another variant for the famous name Maria.

Alexander and Madison

Alexander is a good name that seems to have a great impact merely because of its relation to Greece history. Alexander is obviously a Greek name that means a protector of mankind! While Madison is an English name which means the son of Mathew. However, Madison is a name that is actually universal or unisex, can be for a boy and a girl.

Aiden and Elizabeth

Aiden and Elizabeth is the last rank on the list according to the Social Security Administration of the United States. Aiden is a name with a lot of origins such as; Scotland, Celtic, Gaelic, Ireland, Spain, Latin America, Japan, and America. This name stands for fire and Elizabeth stands for the God of bountiful or God of plenty. Elizabeth is also a biblical name who is famous for being the mother of John the Baptist.

What is your Preferred Name for your Kids?

Isn’t it nice to have a name with a significant meaning and something that will represent your overall personality. Having a name is indeed important for you to be recognized and be known in this world. Without a name is like being a ghost, you are there but you’re not seen and acknowledged. Now, what is your preferred name for your kids? Remember to choose wisely for whatever name you will choose will be theirs for a long time and that will represent them until your kids grow old. Don’t just give names because it’s the most common or popular; give it because it has a meaning. How about you? What is your name and what does it stands for? Please don’t take names for granted, for that is required in almost anything you do in your life.

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