The Competition Between Ducati and Suzuki

The Competition Between Ducati and Suzuki

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Competition Between Ducati and Suzuki 300x225 The Competition Between Ducati and Suzuki

Seen as exiles from the super bike and super sport categories, the Suzuki GSX-R750 and Ducati 848 are presentations of two different types in middleweight models class, high performing sport bikes. Each year, life for those of us who love sport biking improves day by day. The manufacturers do not only continue producing lighter and speedy machines that are easy to handle, but they also ensure that their lineup is refined so as to provide the end user models that are tailored to suit their convenience. If you are looking for these qualities in motorcycles, these two models – Ducati Vs Suzuki – Ducati 848 and Suzuki GSX-R750n – provide the best choices.

Latest Improvement of Suzuki Bike

When this model celebrated its 23rd anniversary, the engineers at the Suzuki Manufacturing Company joined in the celebration in a style by updating its events aimed at sharpening the unmatched platform. When the machine was put to its first ride after a few modifications, the results showed that the performance had greatly improved. The most impressive improvements were recorded on the updated suspension – the fork – which was especially designed to work hand in hand with the seemingly stellar OE Bridgestone rubber.

This modification also saw the enhancement of the chassis as well as the amount of feel that should be delivered to the racer. The other parts that received attention were the front brakes, whose performance was put at par with the best deals ever for 1000cc and 600cc. After all that had been done to improve the Suzuki model, it became hard for the stakeholders to shun the notion that Suzuki might have invented this perfect model with its own 750 make.

Ducati 848 Ready to Compete with Suzuki

It consists of a small-sized L-Twin engine capable of pumping out an overwhelming and even power distribution. It has front brakes which are easy to handle and which are also less sensitive. If you are a rider and would like to have a machine that provides the comfort you have been dreaming of, then the Ducati 848 is your choice. It is easier to ride and more quite entertaining when you are the speeding type.

The better part of the last decade, in a Ducati Vs Suzuki rivalry, the Suzuki 750 model was the most dominant in this category. However, when Ducati finally unleashed the new 848 model, things changed considerably. You would probably wonder why one would opt for the new1098 version, but try it and you will understand why. You will think it is the best sportsbike you have ever had the opportunity to ride until it dawns on you that you are yet to try the newer 848-model.

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