Concerns that Should be Addressed by a Good Leader

Concerns that Should be Addressed by a Good Leader

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As the famous line goes, “Be a leader, not a boss”; for you to be able to be a good leader, you must know what exactly do you need to do in order to meet your employee’s standards.  Yes, although you are the one leading or managing them, you must please them in order for them to follow and respect you.  Respect is one of the main factors for effective leadership.  Work and performance should not be all about you all the time and it should not be focused only on how a company will grow but also on how you as a leader and your employee’s career will grow and progress.  This article will help you understand more about the concerns that you should address for you to be considered as a good leader.  The below tips will guarantee respect from your employees and will give you a great feeling seeing how they strive for improvement because they look up to you.

Your Employees are Not Robots

This is one of the facts that most of the Boss still could not understand.  There is no point to demand a massive amount of work from them in an unreasonable deadline.  Try to think if it would be you as a worker can do and finish the task that you are giving.  Of course you will think that you can do it, but what if you dare yourself to start and try doing the same task?  This time I can guarantee that you will think twice because you know you can also not do it.  Regardless if you are paying them in double, the point is, they are humans.  They can get tired and they have the right to get sick.  Try to be more open minded and provide a more acceptable deadline and proper distribution of tasks.  In this way, each task will be done in an efficient manner with greater results as the employees were not tired and stressed out about meeting the deadline.

Compensate Them Well

Most of the stress of the workers are coming from the thinking that they are making only the company and the boss rich.  You do not need to break this thinking by conducting a meeting every hour just to prove them wrong.  It would be a big help to provide even a simple and small incentive to let them feel rewarded for their good performance.  This way, both sides will enjoy the benefit of good results from happy workers and good leader’s efforts.

Be an Example and Inspiration

As you impose the house rules and policies in your workers, you need to ensure that you are also following even the smallest toilet paper policy that you want them to follow.  As an employee myself, I feel so inspired when my Supervisor or Manager shares his earlier days as an employee.  I loved hearing how they strived so hard to succeed in life and those stories gained them a very high respect from me.  This respect is the biggest reason for an employee to practice integrity and a great inspiration to work harder to grow professionally.

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