Self Contained Super Regional Shopping Centre of Melbourne – Chadtstone Shopping Centre

Self Contained Super Regional Shopping Centre of Melbourne – Chadtstone Shopping Centre

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Self Contained Super Regional Shopping Centre of Melbourne Chadtstone Shopping Centre Self Contained Super Regional Shopping Centre of Melbourne   Chadtstone Shopping Centre

Melbourne’s one of the famous shopping centres’ is Chadtstone shopping centre located in the Malvern East’s South Eastern suburb area. It was inaugurated back in October 3, 1960. The total area it covers is over 129,920 square meters. The mall is an indoor shopping centre of the city. With 530 stores and the parking area with the capacity of more than 9,300 cars, it is claimed that this mall is the biggest mall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Anchor stores

Just like a person, this shopping mall was given a nick name and is popularly known as the “Chaddy”. It is anchored by Target discount department stores, Coles, Hoyts cinema multiplex, Aldi supermarkets, David Jones department stores, Kmart, Myer and many others. Because of these anchor stores, this shopping centre continuously attracts visitors.


Most of the stores are fashion related that promotes fashion for the new generation, as they are more conscious about the styles and the looks that’s why they visit the mall almost daily or on weekly basis to find something new, unique and exceptional within the shopping mall. Most customers prefer the branded outlets, which are although expensive but sometimes discounted and offers are being offered. Usually during summer vacations, New Year and Christmas, every store offer the discounts so that everyone can share happiness and enjoyment to all its valued customers.

Busiest Trading Center

Chadtstone shopping centre is the busiest trading center visited by more than 65,000 people daily including local residents and foreigners. Research shows that the mall is visited by more than 400,000 interstate residents and 200,000 from the other countries per year. In the South of the mall, there are many food courts and the building for office use. So this shopping mall is not just providing satisfaction when it comes to shopping but also a trading place where many kinds of people come, including; businessmen, those that are tenured and those that are aspiring, housewives and youngsters.

Car-Based Centre

The mall is designed in such a way that it looks like a car-based center. It offers an area for more than 9,300 car parking spaces and this facility is totally free of cost, regardless of how long its customers have parked, there’s no time limit unlike the other shopping malls. Due to this great feature, as long as you are shopping inside, you remain tension free.

Some Plans of Expansion

The management of the mall is making new plans and policies regarding the further expansion and development of the mall. These days they are trying to make a 180-room hotel within the shopping mall. This hotel facility will not only provide the splendid convenience to the tourists but also it will attract the local residents too who come to visit the mall from the distant places or other states and find it difficult to go back on the same day after getting tired of shopping.

Feel the Fun Brought about by Chaddy!

Indeed Chaddy or the Chadtstone Shopping Centre is a great shopping mall to explore. Aside from its branded items and high quality anchor stores, this shopping mall gives security to all car owners during shopping. Therefore, this mall is mostly preferred by the locals because of the sense of security it provide its shoppers. So what more could you ask for? Security and safety in this shopping mall is not an issue hence you can shop without having to worry.

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