Coolest Fun Rides to Try

Coolest Fun Rides to Try

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Fun rides are the joy not only of kids but as well as the adults. In fact, adults are digging fun rides because of the adrenaline rush and excitement it brings. Kids are usually happy when they’re in the area of a theme park and experience a simple ride; however adults are more into thrill rides. They seek thrilling adventures that could be considered as the coolest. Of course when it comes to rides, the scariest and the most unique is the coolest right? You can’t go around and brag to your friends you rode in a Mary go round because honestly, this doesn’t give much thrill and excitement. So what are the top 10 coolest fun rides to try once you’re in Disney Land? Let’s find out and see if you will enjoy.

Rocking Roller Coaster Ride Hollywood Studios – Let’s Take a Spin!

If you’ve been in the Disney world then I’m sure you’ll agree with me if I say that this ride is the coolest and the scariest ever! Imagine riding in a vehicle at a speed of 60mph, quite fast right? However this roller coaster will bring you to outer space as its theme suggest in 60 mph for just about 2 seconds! This will honestly blow your heart and brain out because not only will it take you that fast, you will have to experience along the way some sudden drops, spins, and loops! The theme here is to take a ride for you are already late for your favorite artist Aerosmith concert. As an added bonus, when riding you’ll hear the sounds of Aerosmith (as if you’ll hear it when you scream your throat out) and some accompanied lights.

The Mission Space Epcot – Want to Go to Space?

Just as the name suggest, you will have another scary ride of your life with this one. The theme of this ride suggest that you are about to go on a space mission and will ride a hug capsule and will be launched in space. Here you will feel like an astronaut which in fact the ride is based on the simulation training of NASA and will make you feel nauseated because of its intense spinning when you are about to launch, cool isn’t it? The bummer part here is the waiting line which is too long but oh so worth it.

The Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios – Got Trapped in an Elevator

Are you claustrophobic? If so then never dare ride on this one. The theme of this ride is as if you’re trapped in an elevator and you’ll see the outside because of some windows opening for a quick peek of the outside scene! This ride will take you to a high point and will suddenly drop you and sometimes a drop of about 13 storeys is experienced! Imagine that if you’re in an elevator! Cool yet super freaky!

The Expedition Everest Animal Kingdom – The BIG Coaster

Unlike any other roller coaster, this one has a pretty cool theme going on so even if it’s not that really very scary it’s worth putting in the list. The theme of this ride is set on Himalayas and the riders would try to avoid any yeti on the loose. One of the coolest part here is you’re able to plunge backwards, yes backwards! You’ll go through a dark mountain backwards and again move forward and suddenly it stops and next thing you know the yeti is right in front of you!

The Space Mountain Magic Kingdom – Are you Afraid of the Dark?

If you’re afraid of the dark then skip the space mountain ride. This one is a roller coaster ride but no huge loops and drops expected. However, you are buckled up and will go through a dark section so this would be scary. To make this cool you’ll see some stars and beautiful lights so the ride seems cool and amazing.

The Dinosaur Animal Kingdom – Keep your Eyes Close!

Are you afraid of dinosaurs? If so then this ride might freak you out mainly because it comes with a lot of dinosaurs sticking its heads out when you passes by! You’ll jerk and jump in your seat while the ride is going on, you can simply close your eyes but hey where’s the fun in that? Adults and kids are terrified in this ride because of the popping dinosaurs.

The Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom – Hold on to your Seat

Just like most riders do when they take a tour in this splash mountain, they hold on their seats! Why? Because you are about to take a plunge to some thrilling drops of your life. This is actually a water ride which has 2 drops waiting for you right at the middle part and the biggest drop at the end part that will turn your stomach inside out. Yes, this is quite thrilling and scary so better have a brown bag with you after the ride.

The Test Track Epcot – Hold your Breath

Some are not a fan of this however it comes with little thrills and exhilarating moments. In this ride you will have a chance to test drive a car which is totally safe. You will undergo so many car testing moments like the break test and some test drive climbing up a hill. The thrill here is felt once you are about to hit a wall for you technically stop and bam! Hit the wall. For those who love cars, then you might find this cool.

The Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom – The mild yet Cool Ride

This one is mild unlike the previous rides which are all intense. This ride comes with a drop too but not as high as the other rides, what makes this cool is the fact that once you dropped you’ll have a feel of the water so this one has a wet summer factor you’ll really love.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Magic Kingdom – The Runway Train

This is a good way to start mild in Disney Land. This one suggest that you are on a runway train and will pass by some ghost towns which made this ride pretty scary but you might want to be alert because some scenes are just fast enough for your eyes to catch. Still having ghosts is kind of cool in a fun ride!

Would you Like to Try These Fun Rides Too? Have Fun Now!

I’m sure just by reading these descriptions you feel like going to Disney Land already. Going in such energetic place will really lighten up your mood and will even make you feel energetic too! So before choosing a ride make sure to have something in your pocket like a brown paper bag! Better be ready than sorry.

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