Craziest Ways to Relieve Boredom

Craziest Ways to Relieve Boredom

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Boredom is one of the worst things people face in their everyday life.  It is a sign of more severe problems like – you are not living your life to fullest or you have nothing to do with your life. Boredom is a result of how you look at things and your perception is a choice. Many spend a lot of time thinking on what to do and they don’t realize that their time is almost over. So stop thinking and try these top 10 craziest ways to cure boredom.

Unexpected Outing

The unplanned adventures are sometimes the best experiences. Have a mystery tour on a place that is new to you. Take a ride on the wrong bus and go to an unknown destination. There are people who hate to travel. Going to a place that is miles from home and getting stuck in a city that you have no idea – those things can be fun when you set a positive perception. Learn to strike a balance between relieving boredom and living in a life full of adventures. You don’t know where you will end up and that is the fun part of your adventure. Let the world of exploring take you to the most unforgettable trip in your existence. Fly and be free.

Do Something New

Have a new experience by doing the things you don’t like doing before. You can also try unique deeds or do something foolish. You can do it with little things in your daily routine. You will become more alive when you often have more new firsts. Here are some crazy yet fun ways to spend your day.  Get up early and watch the sun as it rises. Sit in the backseat and let someone else drive the car. Take a different route on your route to work or any place you are going. Get lost in a city and explore. Eat using the opposite hand and dine in a new restaurant. Call a friend that you haven’t seen and spoken to for years. Check in a hotel near the beach, walk bare-footed and watch as the sun calmly sets.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Think outside the box and go out of your own shell. Boredom is sometimes caused by your routines all day. Going beyond your limits can offer you a whole new experience. If you are bored with your career and you think it is not making you grow, then quit. Find a new career path and find what will make you happy. It will truly make you feel uncomfortable at first, but you can adjust as time passes. It will be the toughest and the best decision that you will make for yourself. You will meet new people; have new tasks and a new life. It sounds interesting and far from your boring old life.


Brainstorm Ideas

With paper and pen, start thinking new ideas. Brainstorm on the things that you need– like solutions to problems, vacation ideas, writing topics, plans and any new things. Thinking, though difficult, is a way to exercise your mind. This is also a creative technique of making a list of ideas spontaneously generated by the mind. This is effective for a group of individuals and more effective with individuals working alone. It is popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in his book Applied Imagination in 1953.

Read a Book

A book can be the best companion when you are alone and bored. You can choose from a variety of books in the library or bookstore. Reading is for your personal enjoyment, so start thinking of topics and genres that interests or entertains you. Once you have some ideas, there are many resources to help you pick something you’ll like. You can also borrow books from your friends or read book they recommend. You can share ideas to about the books you have read. Try to download eBooks online that suit the topic you like. Some people find books as boring materials but many find it fascinating. Books involve stories that touch the heart.

Do it Online

Online jobs are in demand nowadays. This works for people who are tied in their computer, 24/7. You can earn some extra cash online. You can earn by publishing articles that you are interested in. If you love writing and editing, you just found a new job. It becomes addictive especially for people that are top earners online. You can also start a business online and be an internet-based entrepreneur. You can sell RTWs, gadgets and anything online. A lot of people are into computers and internet, so you have many possible buyers online. No need to go to office, you can earn money at home.

Meet Strangers

There are no boring days when you are happy spending time with your friends. You only feel lonely when your friends are busy and you only have a few friends. It is the time to make more friends from strangers. You can meet the friends of your friends –it will certainly be fun. It is nice to hear stories from new friends and learn from their experiences. You don’t know maybe someday, the people you once called strangers will become your greatest friends.

Find a New Hobby 

The best way to relieve boredom is to find and try a new hobby. You can involve and get into new things. Whenever you are bored with your daily routine, you can look for activities on your locality. See if there is anything you want yourself to be involved. As long as it will not make you bad or waste your time, you can give it a try. You can sign up for something and ask a friend to be with you. You can also do new hobbies at home like cross-stitch, knitting and cooking. This will not only kill boredom, but also have a new venue for learning.

Be the Crazy You

Unleash the spirit of being young in you. Be like a child that is always ready to explore the world. We need to be that crazy person, to feel free and unbridled. It will unwind you and will bring out the best in you.



Fight Your Fears

Living within your comfort zone will make your life boring. When you finally have the courage to go on and let go of your fears, then you will have a happy and fulfilling life. To experience life fully, handle your fears and determine where you go in your life. Most people are defeated by their fears – it is so powerful and so controlling. The key is acknowledging your fear and fighting against it. Step up and be the best you can be. You are greater than your fears.




There are days when boredom suddenly strikes. All you need to do is enjoy something and time will quickly pass. Remember that you only live once and your time is now. No more wasting of idle time and spend it in the best ways you could. As R.A. Salvatore said, “Sane is boring.” Be insane and do these craziest ways to relieve boredom.

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