Danger Signs in a Relationship

Danger Signs in a Relationship

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Danger Signs in a Relationship

Most of us enjoys a relationship. We go out on dates and experience different things together with our partner. As time goes on, the bond and connection you feel with your partner improves. But, there are also times that your bond becomes stale and your connection becomes unclear. You find yourself in the midst of problems that you might not think can salvage your relationship. Even with years and years of experience, you still find yourself having difficulty with handling a relationship. These types of problems can be avoided if you know how to spot the danger signs of a relationship. Here are the top 5 danger signs of a relationship.

5. Criticism. A good example of this is when you try to ask your partner about the dress that you are wearing for your date. If he tells you that you look fat or any harsh words that can destroy your self-esteem, then, it is a danger sign that you are heading for an abusive relationship. No partner will tell you that you look ugly on that dress. There might be an off chance that he is telling you that to challenge you but he can always rephrase it to make it sound better. The moment he criticizes the way you look in a negative way then it is high time that you should think about going with this man.

4. Failure to Repair Relationships. Couples go through different forms of arguments. Sometimes it can lead to an all out war. But stable couples know how to deal with this kinds of road bumps in their relationship. They try to repair the damage dealt to each other through compromise and apologies. But, if your partner does not even care about repairing your relationship and start acting as if nothing happens then it is time for you to think twice on what is happening in your relationship.

3. Transformation. Your partner should inspire you to become a good person or a better person. He should inspire you to go to the gym or live a good life. Couples tend to bring each other up in a positive light not just to hide their flaws but to accept it. But, the moment that you begin to transform into a person that is not yourself due to the whims and decisions of your partner. It is time that you rethink about your choices of relationship. The moment you become someone else is the moment you lose yourself.

2. Avoidance. When a fight breaks out, couples tend to express their thoughts onto each other. Most of the time, after the fight they patch things up and move on with their relationship. But, if your partner suddenly avoids you at all costs even if there were no arguments made chances are either he has done something wrong to you or he simply wants to get out of the relationship for his own good. You can talk to him about this but only you can discover what his intentions are in your relationship.

1. Hostility. Does your partner hit you when he is angry? Does your partner throws things at you when you are in the middle of a fight with her? If so, you should call it quits the moment your partner physically hurts you. Nothing says danger sign more than aggressiveness and hostility to your partner. It is one of the unhealthiest relationships of all. There are a lot of people who continue a relationship with an abusive partner and more likely than not, they end up being punching bags.

These danger signs should not be missed. There are often times that a relationship can lead to an abusive one if you do not know how to spot the danger signs of a relationship. Begin contemplating on whether or not you should leave your current partner if these danger signs become apparent before you end up becoming a victim of domestic violence.

There is not one relationship that is perfect. Each relationship will always have bumps in the road and some couples tend to end their relationship if they are not able to patch things up. Some on the other hand tend to whisk the problem away and pretend that it never happened. You should know that this kind of relationship can become problematic later on. There are danger signs of an impending abusive relationship that you need to watch out for as early as now before you say your vows to each other and end up a battered partner. Find out the different danger signs of an abusive relationship before it is too late for you.

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