Dating Tips When You’re Single

Dating Tips When You’re Single

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Dating can be a fun recreational and social activity. It helps you connect with other people and find you a good partner in life. Dating can be fun if you are prepared and know the process, but for those who are still learning the ways of dating, here are your top 5 dating tips when you’re single.

Do Your Homework

Say for example you are introduced to a friend’s friend and you find him attractive and you want to date and vice versa. Now is the time to begin unlocking all of his secrets. Learn a few things about the guy you are about to date so that you will have an idea on what he wants to talk about and what his views are when it comes to different topics of discussion. This way, you can avoid falling into pitfalls of conversation and have that awkward silence in the middle of your date while you are still trying to think of something. Have a meaningful conversation by having to delve into what interests him the most. This will give you lots of ideas and conversations that it would merit a second or third date for you to get enough of each other.

Be warned though, if you get information that the guy you are about to date has had a lot of experiences in projectile vomiting at the side of the road then you might want to rethink your preferences for your dates. Be sure that your date also has some cohesive mind that works on its own. Stay away from people who make you feel uncomfortable and not in a good way.

Be Prepared

Always be prepared by taking proper precautions with yourself. Take a bath before you go out on a date. Spray some light cologne. Get some deodorant. And make sure you have your own piece of protection if it gets down to that by the end of the date. When you are prepared, you have the confidence that nothing will go wrong with your date. There is always a chance that something will pop up that is not as planned. Take advantage of the situation and bring out your spontaneous side. People find spontaneity to be very romantic. If you are one of those people who are quick with ideas then you might want to try it out if something unexpected comes along.

Being prepared means you have to be careful with your actions but it does not mean you need to be stiff and strict. Be prepared with your overall hygiene, your money, the way you handle your conversation, and the way you carry yourself throughout the entire date.

Stop Worrying

The first thing that comes to mind when we find ourselves a few hours away from the first date is that we keep on worrying what will happen. Stop it. There won’t be anything that’s going to go wrong tonight. Tell yourself that over and over. Make sure that it sinks into your mind and you start to believe it. By thinking that nothing will happen, you will regain your confidence and hide away your insecurities.

Speaking of insecurities, make sure that you also stop worrying if you are too fat or you are too skinny for your date. There is a reason why your date chose you and that he has seen you before aside from having a blind date. It is entirely possible that people do find it a reason to reject you but come to think of it, it is for the best. If your date finds you to be too fat for him then you are better off. It should come to a fact that your date is supposed to know who you are. Bottomline is, stop dating judgmental people and start accepting facts about who you really are. This makes you very comfortable of your skin and makes you self-aware.

Do Things By Yourself

Go to the movies by yourself. Go to a bar or club by yourself. Go to museums, parks, and even concerts by yourself. It makes an interesting perspective that you are doing things on your own. If you are bored out of your mind, you won’t be able to meet someone that might be your potential partner. Go ahead and plan your next trip alone. Aside from having that self-awareness that you have when you are on your own, it also helps that people will actually notice that you are alone and you need company. Hence, a potential date might arrive. Allow yourself to be free to follow your every whim because by the time you are already attached, this freedom will come at a precious price.

Take advantage of such freedom while you are still single. It makes you a different person once you are already attached or dating someone. It will also come out when you start dating a person. You can always tell a person who has that much control in his life is happier and easier to please than people who feign a pseudo-controlled life.

A Date is Not an Audition

Always remember that a date is not an audition. You might think that it is a perfect way to get to know someone in their natural environment but never relate a first date as an audition. It is all in the mindset of a person. If you think that a first date is an audition process, you will end up expecting a lot of things from your date hence you will be disappointed by the end of the night if things do not go your way. The best way to enjoy a good first date is to let things out in the open right away. Blast down those insecure doors and show who you really are.

Act naturally. It helps that you be honest with yourself on your first date. People try their hardest to impress their dates by telling white lies about themselves and end up realizing this mistake. People will always get to the truth and hopefully, the truth comes out long before you say your vows or else problems will surely be on your way.

These tips will help you survive until the end of your date and hopefully earn you another date. These are tried and tested ways for someone who is anxious on the first date and be able to live to tell them to their friends.

Dating can be an intimidating activity. People often hear the word dating and they become rigid. Often times, dating can result into disaster if you do not know what the rules are. Rules are set to govern what you need to do when you are on a date so that it will help you earn a second one after that. In order to be able to survive your first date, you need to know what you need to do to impress your potential partner without having to tell exaggerated stories. Find out how you can land a date when you are single with the tips below.

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