De-Stressing for Your Skin

De-Stressing for Your Skin

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Exposure to pressures at work as well as other stress factors in one’s life can lead to problematic and unhealthy looking skin. It has even been said that a person’s health condition can be seen by looking at the face and skin condition as signs of stress can manifest on these areas of the body. It’s like the skin is giving out signals, telling you that you have problems that need to be addressed and handled properly.

Common Skin Problems Associated with Stress

Depending on a person’s immunity level and coping mechanism, skin problems can be minor issues like dryness and dullness. However, it is more common for breakouts to appear when one is highly stressed; so acne, pimples, and red spots can appear, mostly in the facial area. People who have psoriasis problems can even experience inflammation when bombarded with stress, as this can trigger the symptoms on this kind of skin disease.

The Mind and Body Connection

It’s not a secret that the mind and body are truly connected with each other. So much so that when you get upset about something, it manifests in your body’s health condition. As the body’s biggest organ, your problems and worries can be seen on the condition of your skin. It glows when you are happy and elated; and it also suffers from a lot of problems if you are stressed out.

Good Stress

There are good forms of stresses too; like when you expose your body to a tough exercise routine. You can feel this stress as it bursts in short and manageable amounts as you are exercising. Afterwards, you will actually feel better as all the major organs of your body are pumped up with oxygen. Activities like this will help improve your skin condition as it is a form of releasing negative stress out of the system.

Chronic Stress

Now, chronic stress is very much different that exercise stress. In fact, this can be detrimental to one’s overall health. When the body’s system is overloaded with stress, it can breakdown and suffer from different types of diseases. Yes, as your stress level goes up, your immune system will fall; and this will make you prone to ailments like skin problems and even heart problems.

De-Stress Yourself and Your Skin

You can battle stress by recognizing it and consciously fighting it. A person’s reaction to stress will influence its effects on the body; so modifying one’s reaction to it will greatly help in the coping process.

There are relaxation techniques that can help ease up stress like breathing exercises and yoga. Thinking happy thoughts and telling yourself that every thing will be alright would be helpful too. Positive thinking and a great outlook in life can reverse any negative stress; and you will start to feel better again.

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