Differences Between Anime and Cartoons

Differences Between Anime and Cartoons

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Differences Between Anime and Cartoons 300x187 Differences Between Anime and Cartoons

There are some people who can’t tell the difference between an anime and cartoon. This isn’t just limited to one being created from the east and from the west but there are a lot of notable differences between them. It’s vital to know them in order to avoid a certain audience from watching a certain show.

It’s these notable differences that help enhance the person’s viewing pleasure regardless if they watch cartoons or anime.

5. Art Style. Anime art styles are usually unique and the classical appearance has the characters depicted as having big eyes. Cartoons on the other hand vary in terms of the genre of the show. Cartoons in terms of eye art vary depending on the series or genre. Anime art styles are also more realistic and have humans looking more proportionate rather than cartoons that may have oddly shaped and blocky type bodies.

4. Original Source. A lot of anime originate from manga, video games and light novels. This is the usual standard origin source for every anime released. There are some usual changes from the source material but the art style and overall plot remains the same. Cartoons on the other hand are drawn from scratch with very few of them coming from comics. Usually the source is left merely as a title as the cartoon production would spin on its own plot and twists.

3. Duration per Episode . The general theme of cartoons is more on whimsical and short skits. There are those that stretch for at least half an hour but generally cartoons are depicted as short episodes. They usually stretch around 5 to 10 minutes per episode. The basic anime duration on the other hand is a standard 20 to 30 minutes depending on the show not including original video productions.

2. Audience. Cartoons are more addressed towards children. Cartoons are generally child friendly since the art styles are more light and warm. Anime audiences would vary from different ages. They can range from young children to adults. It may be unbelievable but even old people watch anime provided that they like the genre of the show.

1. Theme and Genre. Considering that cartoons are more addressed towards children, their genres are more family oriented and child friendly. You can see it as simple as a teddy bear spending his day. Anime on the other hand can be as violent and malevolent as can be. Aside from the violence there is also the mixture of adult related content like nudity. It maybe something like a woman getting violently ripped by a bear of some sort.

Regardless of the differences between the two they are similar in several aspects. The fact that they are drawn and animated is a simple yet common similarity. They have also brought joy and fulfillment to past children and the current generation of young cartoon or anime enthusiasts.

Have you ever felt the need to differentiate cartoons from anime or vice versa? Kids usually get scolded for watching anime due to majority of it being somewhat violent or not appropriate for children. There are also teenagers and young adults that get ridiculed for watching anime where people have the impression that they are cartoons so in turn leading them to believe that old people who watch anime are somewhat childish. When you know the differences, you won’t end up being ignorant about the situation. Even today anime is being introduced to young children but some of them have heavy censorship. There are some that undergo a total facelift just to ensure the children won’t get exposed to violence. There are also old people who watch cartoons just for the nostalgia factor or they just really like the series. Regardless of the differences, there isn’t anything wrong with watching anime or cartoons just as long as you don’t do anything stupid.

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